30+ Coachella Crochet Fashion Statements … 2016

I’ve never been to Coachella but every year I love to check out the beautiful boho fashion that emerges in the photos from the event, with an eye towards the crochet and lace. Here are some beautiful examples from this year’s event. Note: @tags are sourced from Instagram.

Colorful Crochet at Coachella

coachella colorful crochet


jheneaiko crochet coachella top


crochet top


crochet granny top coachella

@jessimalay for @foraycollective

crochet motif dress coachella

@cannela.style … and you can see a better photo of both of these dresses on PopSugar

crochet bikini top for coachella

Photo via Tyler Joe at Elle, from a great set of Coachella fashion photos

crochet colorful coachella


White and Cream Crochet Coachella Tops

The quintessential and most-oft-spotted crochet at Coachella, particularly this year, seems to be the white or cream crochet top, often a bikini top although sometimes a halter top.

vanessa hudgens coachella crochet

Vanessa Hudgens is often seen spotted in crochet. Via @fashionworldgoals_

crochet halter coachella


crochet halter top

Popsugar was surprised that this crochet top was handmade but of course we aren’t!

coachella crochet fashion


evanator66 crochet coachella top


crochet bikini top coachella


crochet white halter

Via Elle

crochet halter tie

Via Cosmopolitan street style photo gallery

white coachella crochet


coachella crochet and lace


coachella crochet pants

with fabulous crochet pants @blogbybieleck

coachella crochet halter top


Other Coachella Crochet

coachella crochet skirt


kendall jenner doily dress coachella

Kendall Jenner in a beautiful doily-inspired dress … and I spy a crochet granny top by her side. Via @hendall_update

granny crochet halter coachella


coachella crochet skirt




crochet skirt


coachella crochet jumper

Crochet romper via fashion photo set from FashionTimes

crochet water bottle cozy

Crochet water bottle cozy from @cindyinphoenix

doily umbrella

Is that a doily crochet umbrella @laist?

crochet coachella shawl


H&M Coachella Collection

coachella crochet dress

This year H&M did a Coachella-inspired collection. Model Hailey Baldwin showcased this beautiful crochet dress from the collection. I haven’t been to the store recently and didn’t see it in their online store … so I’m not sure if it was just part of the inspiration or if there were versions available for sale.

coachella crochet dress

Some people definitely got their hands on it, @melissahoyer

If the latter, I always question when hand crochet is available at such low cost – it’s important to be concerned about who makes your clothes – but nevertheless I think it’s a beautiful piece that can serve as fabulous inspiration for our own crochet.

See previous examples of Coachella fashion. It never goes out of style.

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