Crochet Artists


Mixed Media Crochet Artist Felieke van der Leest

Felieke van der Leest is a Netherlands-born, Norway-based mixed media artist who regularly incorporates crochet into her work. Learn more about the creative work from this crochet artist. Her work has been nominated or received nearly a dozen awards, is included in public collections around the world and has been featured in at least two dozen books and catalogues including The Zoo of Life collection of her works published by Arnoldsche Art Publishers last year featuring text in Dutch, English and Norwegian.

Interview with Crochet Artist Ann Benoot

Ann Benoot is a self-taught textile artist from Belgium who does terrific creative work with crochet art. She has been working on a beautiful series of crocheted Zentangle power animals that I find to be unique and interesting. In this interview, she tells us about the inspiration for those, her history with the craft and what it’s been like to find her creative voice.

Natural Crochet Art from Susanna Bauer

When I put together my recent roundup of driftwood+crochet inspiration, I stumbled upon the work of crochet artist Susanna Bauer. I realized I’d actually seen her beautiful designs before, and I was surprised to see that I’d never done an article about the amazing stuff that she does with organic materials and crochet. Well, here’s that post.