Unique Crochet Dresses

15 Unique Crochet Dresses for Fashion-Loving Crafters

It’s been a long time since I did a roundup for my “100 unique” series, where I showcase 100 crochet items in the same category to highlight the vast creative potential that this craft has to offer. In the past we’ve looked at 500 unique crochet items – 100 each of hats, scarves, shawls, skirts and shirts/ sweaters. Today we’ll finally add to that collection with a look at 100 unique crochet dresses!

Crochet v Stitch Patterns

20 Crochet V-Stitch Patterns You Won’t Want To Miss

Do you enjoy the beautiful look of the crochet v-stitch and all of the many things that it can be used to make? If so, then you might like these lovely v-stitch crochet patterns! Don’t know how to v-stitch yet? There’s also a basic v-stitch tutorial and here are some advanced v-stitch variations.

animal crochet blanket

20 Animal Crochet Blanket Patterns You Have To See

Yesterday in my roundup of piggy crochet patterns there were two different pig blanket patterns that I shared. That got me thinking about all of the adorable animal crochet patterns there are for babies and kids. Here are some crochet patterns for animal baby blankets.

free crochet patterns for the home

12 Fabulous and Free Crochet Patterns for the Home

Have you done your spring cleaning this year? I’m always decluttering and organizing throughout the year so it’s not a special spring thing for me but each time I do I get re-invigorated to display the crochet in my home in a new way. Need more crochet for your own home? Here are 21 crochet patterns for the bathroom, kitchen, living room and other spaces in your space!