crochet flower patterns

22 Crochet Flower Patterns That Will Brighten Your Day

Crochet flowers can be used as appliqués and embellishments on all different types of projects. Or they can be the star of the show, as when they are used as motifs for a flower blanket. Celebrate the simple beauty of nature in the yarn of your choosing with these twenty new crochet flower patterns.

crochet patterns for babies and kids

20 Crochet Patterns for Babies and Kids That Are Too Cute

There are so many good reasons to crochet for babies and children. The designs are adorable. They don’t use up as much yarn as adult-sized crochet projects. They can be gifted to your own children, to friends or even to charities that help children in need. And it’s just fun! Here are more than 40 crochet patterns for babies and kids to inspire you!

meet crochet lover sandra of mobiusgirl

Meet Crochet Lover Sandra of Mobiusgirl

Sandra Eng, also known in the Instagram world as @mobiusgirl, is a crochet designer you don’t want to miss! She has a robust crochet blog, an Instagram feed full of inspiring works in progress, and has written her own book of crochet patterns and has contributed to others. Her incredible crochet work speaks for itself, …

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meet crochet lover natalie of little cosy things

Love Rainbows? Meet Crochet Lover Natalie of Layla’s Wolf

Crochet artist Natalie Severino has been part of the crochet scene for a number of years! Her shop was previously called Little Cosy Things and has been renamed Layla’s Wolf in honor of her twin children. Many of Natalie’s creations are toys, including amigurumi, stuffed toys, play food, and more. Her Instagram also features photos …

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meet crochet lover holly of holly_pips

Meet Crochet Lover Holly of Holly_Pips: Get Inspired

Holly of @holly_pips is a crochet lover living in Greenwich, London, where she’s a stay-at-home to Pip who thoroughly enjoys her family and her home. She’s currently pregnant with a little boy. It is so delightful to follow her on Instagram where she shares her children, her crochet and the other joys in her life.