Freeform Crochet Artist Emily Barletta

Freeform Crochet Artist Emily Barletta: A Closer Look

In our series of showcasing artists who use crochet, we want to highlight the awe-inspiring fiber artist Emily Barletta. With a portfolio filled with stunning crochet sculptures, Emily shows a range of skills from crochet to clay sculptures, to embroidery, and more.  Emily Barletta received her BFA in Fiber Arts in 2003 from The Maryland Institute …

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Crochet From Anthropologie

Crochet From Anthropologie: Introducing 16 Beautiful Pieces

Anthropologie is known for combining a boho, hippie look with sophistication and elegance to create beautiful clothing and home accessories. Here we show off 18 of our favorite Anthropologie looks that use crochet to inspire your next project!

Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson

Crochet Artist: Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson

Born in Ireland, Shauna Richardson is a UK-based crochet artist with a background in conceptual art, specializing in a type of crochet art she has coined as ‘crochetdermy.’ As the name suggests, ‘crochetdermy’ is a form of crochet designed to look like taxidermy and is a great word that describes a type of crochet art …

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