Erik Hansen Crochets for ADHD … and Profits

Erik Hansen Crochets for ADHD … and Profits: 10 Examples

If you have ADHD and struggle to find a hobby you can keep and stay consistent with, you might want to give crochet a try! Read on to find out why crochet is an excellent craft that can be used to help with focus while still giving you the thrill of a dopamine rush!

Designer Crochet: Dolce & Gabbana

Designer Crochet: Dolce & Gabbana’s Unique Designs

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana debuted their first collection together in 1986. Ever since, this brand has been known for dramatic, sexy clothing inspired by Italy. Corset dresses and leopard print coats are among the items that they’ve gotten attention for. What they do right is present clothing that a woman can wear and feel …

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Crochet Items for Bicyclists

30 Crochet Items for Bicyclists: Creative DIY Ideas

One of my favorite things about crochet is the way you can incorporate it into basically any other hobby or job that you might have. From creating things for camping, to making your own swimsuit and jewelry, to decorating your home – you can crochet just about anything you’d like!  This is true if you’re …

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Crochet Contests

Crochet Contests: Competitions With Delightful Outcomes!

From small regional craft fairs to national organizations like the Crocheters Guild of America, crochet communities love to have a little friendly competition every now and again. In 2011 there was even an Extreme Crochet Championship hosted by an Australian brewing company as a publicity stunt for their new Dirty Granny Cider, which appealed to …

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best crochet hooks

5 Best Crochet Hooks to Elevate Your Crafting Experience

Whether you’re just starting off on your crochet journey or reconsidering your starter set of hooks after years of wear, we gathered some of our favorite crochet hook brands based on our experiences and the reviews of other fellow crocheters. We’ve taken into consideration those who may be left-handed and have presented a few different …

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