8 Fun Portuguese Crochet Blogs

I love crochet blogs in foreign languages. In Portuguese, crochet is crochê. So here are eight crochê blogs you might find it fun to check out.

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Linhas imaginarias, which translates to “imaginary lines”, is a beautiful blog from crocheter Claudia in Brazil. Claudia shares what she is making, tells us about what she’s up to and offers lots of tutorials. Although it’s crochet-rich, there are also other crafts to enjoy here including knitting and embroidery. One set of projects I love on this blog is a series of cans upcycled with crochet.

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Debora Alves shares lots of really fun crochet work on her blog. She does great work from crochet patterns that you’re probably familiar with, like the crocheted cow that’s part of @freshstitches CAL and a recent skirt crocheted from a Doris Chan design. I always enjoying seeing what’s next on this blog from Brazil!

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Falando de Crochê is a Brazilian blog from Sonia Maria who generously shares graph-based crochet patterns for many beautiful items. She has a penchant for white kid-sized wearables that are super cute although she makes many other things, too.

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Maravilhas do Crochê is a pretty blog where Brazilian blogger Andrea shares what she makes to sell. Posts are typically photo-rich with a little explanatory text underneath. There are a lot of pretty doilies and runners, lots of colorful crochet jewelry and and several patterns are shared (in Brazilian with lots of step by step photos).

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Eu Que Fiz is a fun blog from Granda Baisa of Brazil. Although those are knitting needles in the blog’s logo, this blogger also crochets (and embroiders, for that matter). Each post shows a few images of the items and usually tells a little bit about how they are made. There are projects of all types to be uncovered here.

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Crochê etc., e tal has short and sweet posts that show images of a project with a little bit of text underneath to explain the photos. The blog has crochet, knitting, cooking and other crafts along with lots of great links for other crafty sites worth checking out.

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Filomena Crochet e Outros Lavores is a blog from Portgual. (Most of the Portuguese blogs I read are form Brazil but I wanted to make sure not to leave out the bloggers form Portugal!) Maria Filomena enjoys crafts of all kinds and shares her creations on this blog. Crochet and embroidery get about equal attention here. Some of my favorite crochet examples are the ones where she adds crochet edging to towels and other things.

portuguese crochet blog

Magio do Crochet is the other blog from Portugal on this week’s list. A lot of the work shown on this blog is really colorful. I especially love some of the work done recently with large granny squares but there are many different things to look at here. There are lots of crochet tutorials here.

Bonus: The Something in the Water crochet art project now has a sister project in Brazil on Portuguese blog Alguma Coisa Na Agua.

If you enjoy crochet blogs in other languages, make sure you’ve seen my lists of French Crochet BlogsItalian crochet blogs and Spanish crochet blogs.



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