25 Sizzling Summer Crochet Patterns

crochet summer patterns

It’s summertime. What do you want to crochet? Here are 25 of my favorite summer crochet patterns.

25 Summer Crochet Patterns

1. Crochet Barefoot Sandals

crochet barefoot sandals

Free crochet barefoot sandals pattern from Gleeful Things

2. Crochet Drawstring Water Bottle Holder

striped water bottle tote crochet

Free crochet water bottle cozy pattern with drawstring

3. Crochet Hammock Pattern

crochet hammock pattern

Free crochet hammock pattern

4. Crochet Bikini Pattern

crochet bikini pattern

This DROPS Design is crocheted using a G hook and the pattern is available online in multiple languages.

You might also like the swimsuit crochet pattern in Pop Goes Crochet!, which is a book of celebrity-inspired crochet patterns.

5. Crochet Shorts Pattern

crochet shorts

The crochet pattern for these cute summer shorts can be found for sale on Ravelry.

6. Vintage Crochet Romper Pattern

retro 1970s crochet romper

Etsy’s 2ndlookvintage sells the vintage pattern for this great 1970s crochet beach romper

7. Summer Parasol Crochet Pattern

crochet red umbrella

Ira Rott sells the crochet pattern for this pretty red parasol. Great for getting some shade from the summer sun.

8. Summer Crochet Sundress

neon crochet dress pattern

Free Red Heart crochet pattern for a great summer sundress; would also work as a swimsuit cover up.

9. Crochet Beach Bag Pattern

crochet beach bag

Etsy’s nutsaboutknitting sells this crochet beach bag pattern

10. Hemp Crochet Hat

crochet hemp hat

Hemp crochet is lightweight and comfy for summer. This hemp crochet hat is a free pattern.

11. Summer Crochet Wreath

crochet sun pattern

Free crochet sun wreath pattern from @repeatcrafterme

12. Crochet Water Bottle Cozy with Shoulder Strap

shoulder water bottle holder crochet

This crochet water bottle cozy design is by Lee Mathewson and the pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

13. Crochet Lobster Pattern

crochet lobster pattern

Crochet lobster pattern for sale from @freshstitches

14. Crochet Stones

crochet stones

Collect some lovely crochet stones this summer from beaches and summer hikes then crochet over them. A la Sascha has a free crochet stones pattern. The ones pictured here are by Margaret Oomen.

15. Starfish Dishcloths Pattern

crochet dishcloth free pattern

Make your kitchen summery with this free Red Heart crochet pattern for starfish dishcloths; see other dishcloth patterns here

16. Beach Tote Pattern

crochet beach tote free pattern

Free crochet pattern for a beach tote bag from Micah Makes

17. Thread Crochet Barefoot Sandals

thread crochet barefoot sandals

Free crochet barefoot sandals pattern made from thread by Jay’s Boutique

18. Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

crochet sun hat pattern

Lise Solvang sells several crochet sun hat patterns including this one.

19. Cute Kerchief Crochet Pattern

crochet kerchief

This free crochet kerchief pattern from Kristen TenDyke uses cotton and linen yarns.

20. Crochet Baby Sandals Pattern

crochet flip flops

The crochet pattern for these baby flip flops is sold on Etsy by TwoGirlsPatterns

21. Crochet Fruit Coasters Patterns

crochet fruit coasters

Use these free crochet fruit coaster patterns by Repeat Crafter Me to make summer parties more fun!

22. Flip Flops Coaster Crochet Pattern

crochet flip flops coaster

Or how about this cute crochet flip flops coaster, free pattern from The Crochet Dude

23. Crochet Swimsuit Pattern

crochet bikini tank

Free crochet bikini pattern from Lion Brand

24. Bikini Purse Crochet Pattern

crochet bikini bag

Summer purse designed like a bikini – too cute! Crochet pattern for sale by Knotty Hooker Designs through Ravelry.

25. Little Waves Crochet Towel Applique

crochet towel applique pattern

Dress up your towels for summer with this cute free crochet applique pattern by Moogly

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