25 Ravishing Pairs of Crochet Shorts

I think that crochet shorts are probably the toughest crochet item to pull off in terms of a wearable garment. Everyone can make a crochet scarf look good. Most people can figure out how to style a crochet dress. But crochet shorts can be unforgiving. A crochet skirt can be tweaked with smart style cheats to look flattering so even if you didn’t do the perfect job of crocheting the right fit, you can make it work.

Crochet shorts aren’t so easy to make fit right. It’s really tough to make a good pair of crochet shorts. They can go so wrong. To have the right fit, a pair of shorts needs to have the right size in the waist as well as in the thighs and wherever the end-point of the shorts lies. Everything needs to work together. Mess up in one area, with the wrong stitch choices or the wrong gauge, and the shorts become unwearable.

But when crochet shorts are done right, they are so cute! Here are twenty five examples of gorgeous crochet shorts worn in a ravishing, stylish way. At the end of the post you’ll find some tips for crocheting shorts.

25 Ravishing Pairs of Crochet Shorts

crochet mesh shorts

Free People New Romantics Beach Cruiser Shorts. These are really short shorts but they work with a casual layered style as seen here. I love that they’re a granny square style of stitch but they aren’t granny shorts. And I think the scalloped edge at the bottom helps make the shorts flattering on the leg.

letarte crochet shorts

These Letarte Crochet Shorts got a lot of attention last year when they were worn by Kate Hudson in the movie Something Borrowed. I love two things about them: The wide waistband including the wide ribbon tie and the deeply scalloped bottoms, both of which I think have the potential to be very flattering to the body.

green crochet shorts

I don’t love the waist of these mint green crochet shorts by Ava Adorn. I think they could use a drawstring waist. However, I do like the unique color, the way that the scallops look on the legs and the fact that they’re fully lined.

striped crochet shorts

These Cheeky Hot Pants (crochet pattern by Marnie Maclean) are super cute. It’s tough to pull off wearing horizontal stripes but since they’re short and are worn with long solid tights, they work. I think the row of buttons also helps make these look right.

woodleigh crochet shorts

Vertical stripes work a lot better for most of us (especially for people who are short like me since they create the illusion of length) so one thing I love about these Woodleigh crochet shorts is that the pattern creates a vertical stripe.

Jump past the break to see the rest of the stunning crochet shorts along with some tips for crocheting this tough item.

zigzag crochet shorts

Here’s another pair of horizontal crochet stripe shorts that work, though. These are from Forever 21 and they’re so cheap that I can’t imagine a crafter is getting paid a fair wage for them but the design itself is inspiring anyway.

long crochet shorts

Etsy’s CrochetApparel4Women sells long crochet shorts, which is unique from most crochet shorts I’ve seen. She also matches them with cool crochet jackets or tops.

crocheted shorts2

Poise Polish shows here how to wear H&M crochet shorts in a super stylish way by adding just a few accessories: cool sunglasses and great shoes!

white crochet motif shorts

PilyQ 2012 Eyelet Cheeky Shorts. These shorts make the most sense at the beach since they are short and see-through. But consider that shorts like these can be worn over boxer shorts or opaque tights or leggings for a cool style that isn’t inappropriate.

crocheted shorts

Summer Fancy crochet shorts, DROPS Design free crochet pattern

short crochet shorts

I don’t know about the waist on these crochet shorts. Needs some work. But I love the circular motifs at the legs. Source: Camilla Akrans Photography

crochet shorts and tank

I kind of adore this whole outfit by Etsy’s RuchkiKruchkI. The lace shorts, the matching top, the socks … it all works in a quirky kind of way.

crochet shorts3

Sandra’s Shorts by Sara Dudek have such a classy look to them. Sans Limites Crochet Pattern.

lace shorts

I don’t think these shorts are true crochet but they are some type of lace and could be done in crochet. I included them because I like the way the layering creates the look of a skirt. Plus I love the way that they’ve been styled with that great top and those leopard print heels. See the front view over at Song of Style.

layered crochet shorts

Thrifted Modern Scalloped Crochet Shorts. Here’s another example of great layering on crochet shorts. Something that makes these different is that they are high waisted. And I also like the heavy pom pom style of the drawstrings.

high waist crochet shorts

Here’s another example of high waisted crochet shorts. They’re by Etsy’s onceovertwice and one thing I really like about them is that they have a built-in elastic waistband.

cleo crochet shorts

And here’s one final high waisted option: The Band of Outsiders Cleo crochet two-toned shorts.

ombre crochet shorts

Another two toned look comes from Zara. They’re calling this a tye-dye crochet skirt but it’s clearly shorts. It has a thicker stitch than many of the designs but it works because the yarn itself must be lightweight and it looks like a relatively small crochet hook was used for the design.

crocheted shorts1

I adore these acrylic crocheted shorts from Etsy’s ettygeller. I think the close-knit stitch at the top with a lacier bottom leg stitch is smart. And I love the styling with the socks!

free people crochet shorts

I bet these Spun Merry Go Round shorts by Free People are cozy since they’re crocheted of spun silk.

crochet shorts2

These crochet shorts by GabysSchaufenster have a really simple mesh design. They would work great over a crochet swimsuit.

anna sui crochet shorts

Anna Sui crochet shorts. The looseness of these makes them more flattering for some body types than a tighter hot shorts style.

granny square crochet shorts

I think granny square shorts are really, really tough to pull off. This model makes them look good with an all-over crochet look but for most people the thick yarn, square shape and strategically placed “v” here probably wouldn’t work. What do you think? By the way, I’ve seen this outfit all over the web and I’m pretty sure it’s a name brand designer but I can’t find out for sure who it is. Does anyone know?

granny square shorts

I think that the best way to make granny square shorts work is to use motifs rather than large grannies. These are Topshop.

doily shorts

You can upcycle any pair of shorts by adding crochet to them. (I should have included these, from Rocket Science, in my upcycled doilies roundup!) There is a nice tutorial for making easy upcycled crochet doily shorts over at FaveCraft.

Tips for Crochet Shorts

Like I said, it’s tough to crochet shorts that look right. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Deconstruct a pair of shorts to see how they work. Find a pair of shorts that fit well but that you’re ready to get rid of. Take them apart seam by seam to get a good sense of how a pair of shorts is put together. This will help you greatly when putting together your own crochet shorts.
  • Start with a simple crochet pattern. Even the advanced crocheter may want to start with a really simple pattern for their first pair of crochet shorts to get a good sense of the basics of constructing this garment.
  • Take honest measurements. You can’t cheat your waist and leg circumference when you’re making a pair of crochet shorts. Get the right measurements for yourself or the person the shorts are for.
  • Give careful consideration to length. From what I’ve seen, most crochet shorts are really short. But is that what’s right for your body? Think about it as you tweak your crochet pattern to suit your body.
  • Think lacy, not too textured. Lacy crochet stitches (meshwork, laceweight yarns, etc.) seem to hang better on shorts and look more flattering than thick stitches (bobbles, bulky weight, etc.). Thick wool may be comfy but it adds bulk and you don’t want that with your crochet shorts because more likely than not it will make you look chunky.
  • Consider wide leg shorts. Wide legged crochet shorts can look almost like a skirt, which is flattering for a lot of body shapes.
  • Pay attention to the symmetry. Whether you’re working the legs separately or in a top down fashion you should stop and check frequently to make sure that both legs are the same. As you crochet, your stitches often get tighter or looser, which can change the gauge of the item and that can make a big difference in the end product when it comes to crochet shorts.

Do you own any crochet shorts? Would you dare? Share your thoughts on them in the comments below!

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