You have a beautiful one-of-a-kind skein of yarn. Maybe it’s a hand-painted yarn, a very unique fiber or yarn from a foreign country that someone gifted to you from their travels. Whatever the case, you have this pretty yarn, and you just aren’t sure what to make with it. Of course, there are plenty of things to take into consideration when choosing your project – how much yarn there is, what the fiber and weight of the yarn are – but even once you’ve narrowed it down there are still plenty of things that you can make with the yarn you have in hand. So where do you get your crochet inspiration? One unique way is to look at the name of the colorway on the yarn and let it loosen your imagination. Here are five ways to let the color’s name inspire you when choosing your crochet project.

Quickly Brainstorm What the Colorway Makes You Think Of

Sit down with a pen and paper and make a big list of everything that the color’s name makes you think of. For example, for the “Summercicle” color shown above, you might list:

  • Summer
  • Popsicles
  • Hot days
  • Childhood breaks from school
  • Laughter
  • Fun
  • Dessert
  • Playing in the sprinkles
  • Summer icicles

And so on. Look at your list and think of what type of project would best be suited to a colorway inspired by these words. This might lead you to use summercicle to make popsicle cozies, barefoot sandals or a snowflake (icicle) design.

Ask Yourself About Your 5 Senses

You can add to the brainstorm list and get new ideas about what to crochet by asking yourself how each of your five senses responds to the name. When you hear “Summercicle”, what smells do you think of, what sounds come to mind? A crochet project might come from one of these ideas; perhaps you hear a carousel and crochet a colorful horse appliqué. Alternatively, you may notice that one of your senses is particularly attentive, and you may make a related item; a crochet pillow sachet for your sense of smell, as one example. In addition to your senses, ask yourself what emotion the name evokes. This could mean the difference between a frivolous, whimsical crochet project and a somber but cozy item.

Imagine Describing The Color To Someone

You can combine the name of the color with the actual visuals and textures that you see in the yarn to describe it to someone else. In doing so, you may get a really good sense of what the designer had in mind when (s)he came up with the name for the color in the first place. This allows you to tap into something creative and it may give you an intriguing idea of what to crochet. You may notice that when you add the name “Summercicle” to the shades of pink and orange in the yarn, you start describing it as “like sherbet” or “similar to candy” and that could get you thinking about fun, flirty, tasty projects that you might want to crochet.

Google The Color’s Name

This is especially fun with really unique color names. You may find yourself immersed in a world of creative images or you may learn something new. For example, if you look up “summercicle” you may learn for the first time that it’s a type of radish. This may inspire you to use the yarn to make a food-themed crochet project – a radish-shaped scarf or an amigurumi radish toy. It may alternatively inspire you to crochet something inspired by the garden; you didn’t realize that this yarn was perfect for making a floral throw until you thought of it being from a garden.

Crowdsource Ideas From Others

Go to your social media and ask all of your friends what they would crochet with a yarn in a particular name. Don’t even show them a picture of the yarn, yet; share it later if you wish. Just ask, for example, “what would you crochet with a yarn in a color named Summercicle?” You will undoubtedly get lots of fun responses, and it will be an enjoyable, interactive way to make a decision about what to crochet.

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