I was thrilled to get a chance to try the new Kollage Square crochet hooks from Louet. These crochet hooks have square wooden handles that are designed to be ergonomic to prevent or reduce hand pain and make for more comfortable crocheting. Here are the things I quickly discovered I liked about these newly-relaunched crochet hooks:

Lightweight Wooden Handle

I was surprised to discover how lightweight these crochet hooks are. Typically when I have used ergonomic crochet hooks they are heavier than basic crochet hooks, and although their shape is nice, I don’t like the extra weight. That’s not an issue with the Kollage Square crochet hooks; you get the thicker handle without any added weight.

Shaping to the Handle

I have found several ergonomic crochet hooks in the past that allowed for great grab on the handle but didn’t have the thumb rest that basic crochet hooks have. This has always bothered me as a design flaw and it’s something that the Kollage Square crochet hooks make up for. The wooden handle is squared but there is still a thumb rest grip on both sides of each crochet hook. This makes it much easier to work with any crochet hook and is definitely appreciated.

Options for Crochet Hook Heads

There are two basic types of crochet hook heads, commonly known as tapered / inline but also known as rounded / pointed. There are reasons to choose one over the other, particularly for specific types of crochet, but more than anything else it is a matter of preference. If you have a strong preference for one over the other then you may opt not to use an ergonomic crochet hook that doesn’t have the hook head you want to use. Again, this is not a problem with the Kollage Square crochet hooks because they come in both the rounded and pointed style. I used one of each (a G in rounded and a J in pointed) and felt like they were comparable to the tapered / inline hooks I’ve used in the past.


  1. These look awesome! Thank you so much for the review. I doubt I would have found them otherwise. Just one thing – these are only available as inline hooks. The pointed/rounded feature only applies to the tip of the hook. Inline/tapered refers to the shape of the throat of the hook. So they’re not interchangeable terms. I use both inline and tapered, but I greatly prefer inline hooks, and I know there are others like me who may feel the same. I’m afraid your review gave me the wrong impression. Thank you again for letting us know about these!

    • Kathryn Vercillo Reply

      Oh, thank you … I wasn’t aware of that difference in terminology!

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