Annie's granny square fall crochet pattern

I have really been enjoying the seasonal crochet pattern collections from Annie’s Signature Designs. Much like the world of fashion, these are collections of patterns that fit a theme and are released periodically throughout the year. The designs are timeless in the sense that they can be used again and again and really do translate to additional seasons across the years but each collection as a whole evokes the mood of the season in which it is released. I’ve previously shared their Spring Breeze, Summer Love and Autumn Bliss collections, and I’m happy to share that now that fall is almost here we have another one: Autumn Glow.

crochet fall coat from annies

Lead crochet designer Lena Skvagerson shares,

“My lifelong love of working in yarn makes me so excited and proud to present this Autumn Glow Collection. Traversing the globe from traditional Nordic heritage to boho Californian influences, a thread is woven through this collection, creating a classic, timeless look.

The photo shoot again took place in and around my hometown San Luis Obispo, California. I think the coast of California is out of this world gorgeous, and some of the places here are the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen.

As far as yarn selections go, natural fibers will always be number one on my list as they provide the best quality, look and feel. The rich, vibrant colors and textures stay crisp and graphic. I’ve carefully paired these with each garment, hoping you’ll fondly reach for these gorgeous creations in your closet for years to come.”

fall crochet wrap from annies

There are 15 new crochet patterns in this collection (and there are also approximately the same number of knit patterns). You will find lots of great crochet garments for layering up against the autumn breeze – everything from vests to ponchos – and you will also find a few sets of accessories. There are some beautiful neutral patterns as well as a few boldly colorful patterns inspired by those luscious colors of the season. If you love fall, it’s worth a look.

1999256514 00 VistaPoint30

Although I’ve shared several photos from the collection here, you really have to look at their crochet lookbook to truly enjoy all that this collection has to offer. The lookbook is designed as a beautiful magazine with lovely images that inspire the mood of fall. This collection isn’t just about the patterns – although they are central, of course – but also about all of the inspiration that comes from this season. See the clothing and accessories in different autumnal settings, from different angles, and enjoy just steeping yourself in the beauty of the season. Lena adds,

“With the lookbooks I wish to take you on a journey through the back roads, watching these rolling hills bathe in the golden glow and explore what has inspired me. View the trees, rocks and earth weaving together in an autumn tapestry.”



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  1. Darlene Fetterman Reply

    All of your collection are so beautiful. I did get a warm feeling when looking at them. I can’t wait to get the first sweater that looks like a granny square. Thanks for sharing all these patterns

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