Free Crochet Heart Pattern to Raise Funds for Cancer Care

This cute red and blue crochet heart is a free pattern created specifically for the purpose of donation to the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF). It was designed as part of a project by Ali of Get Hooked on Crochet in response to her own experience of living through head and neck cancer. I’ve been inspired by her strength and beauty as I’ve watched her go through her own journey online. Let me tell you all about how you can help …

Crochet Heart Pins for DCCF

You can find the free crochet heart pattern on Ali’s website; note that the instructions are in UK terms. The idea is that you crochet one or more hearts and attach tac pins / brooch pins to them. The completed pins will then be sold as part of a fundraiser for DCCF. You can crochet as many heart pins as you want and there is no specific deadline for them to be sent.

About the Pins

Ali is willing to provide tac / brooch pins as needed. You can contact her with the number that you will need and she will send them out to you. She will not add any brooch pins on herself, so you will need to do this part if you want your hearts to be brooch pins. HOWEVER, she will add tac pins on herself so you do have the option of simply sending her your hearts and having her add on the tac pins.

Send them for DCCF Fundraiser

When you send your crochet hearts to Ali, she will donate them to the DCCF. They will then sell the hearts at their next fundraiser. They will keep the proceeds to help with their cause. And what is their cause? You can read all about DCCF here but in short, “As a non-profit making organisation, all net proceeds are used solely to provide financial support to individuals and/or cancer groups, organisations, hospices and hospitals in Dorset.”

Host Your Own Fundraiser

If you are motivated to do so, you are invited to host your own fundraiser instead of sending the hearts to the DCCF Fundraiser, with the goal that all proceeds will still go to DCCF. You can charge a small fee for heart pins that you’ve created (suggested £1 – £2) and then send all of the money raised to Ali via PayPal who will in turn make her donation through her Just Giving Page. (You can read Ali’s own story of her cancer diagnosis on that page as well.)

Get More Info

Information about where to ship your hearts is available on the same page as the free crochet heart pattern. You can also contact Ali through her website with any questions.


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