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Three themed creativity newsletters for the price of one …

I’m offering a quick flash sale for people who want to give these themed newsletters a try. Instead of one themed newsletter in August, you will receive 3. Read on to learn more …

Subscribe by August 1st

In order to take advantage of the flash sale, you must sign up as a Patreon supporter before August 1st. If you do that then I will send you the links to two themed newsletters in the first week of August – plus you will get the themed August newsletter when it comes out. This means that for $15 you’ll get three themed newsletters. You will also get the regular monthly subscriber email (with health stories, tips and more) early in August.

Creative Crochet Themes

Curious what the themes are for these newsletters?

Sometimes they are the same ones that you’ll find in my book Hook to Heal. For example, the first one that you’ll get is about “embracing adventure”.

Sometimes they are new themes based on things I’ve researched and ideas I’ve developed more recently than the publication of Hook to Heal. For example, the second newsletter that you’ll receive is about “wabi sabi” (or finding the beauty in imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness).

The third theme, coming out in late August, is not yet announced so that will be a surprise! If you decide at that point (or any point) that you don’t want these newsletters, you can simply change your subscription back and stop receiving them.

How to subscribe:

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There are also higher levels of funding for people who want a creative response and supportive therapeutic interaction with me.

You can always stop or change your sponsorship at any time if you decide that you want a different plan or no longer want to support me through Patreon.

How to change your subscription:

If you are already a Patreon subscriber but don’t currently receive the newsletter, here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign into Patreon
  • Click on the menu bar on the top right (the lines to the right of the “house” icon)
  • Select “your pledges”
  • This should bring up a screen where you will see my name (Kathryn) and an option to “edit pledge”
  • You can edit your pledge, your rewards or both in this section

Your support on Patreon is what helps me be able to continue my work. The ability to research crochet health and creative growth through crochet and to share what I’ve learned as well as in general to keep my blog and social media going is all funded through your generous support. If you can’t afford $15 right now or don’t want to get this newsletter, know that even $1 per month makes a big difference in what I can do with this work.


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