crochet doily art by mariska de groot 2

Artist Mariska de Groot is doing a 10-day residence at Steim during which she is “trying out different concepts for new light and sound installations”. Each day of the residency she will be “setting up one installation proposal, make a short composition and document it. On Day 3, her installation uses a crochet doily.

She relates the piece to “pattern, culture and craft, and on rhythm, interference and the waving behaviour of fabric.” She adds:

crochet doily art by mariska de groot 2

“Due to video frame rate it is difficult to catch what’s actually happening: hypnotic interferences of pattern and light frequencies. Seen from the floor – beautiful changing patterns that almost behave like flowers, blooming and hiding. From the side – interesting and changing waveforms of the spinning fabric become visible.”

She goes on to add that she would love to change the sound, perhaps adding in the sound of wind rather than the “optical sound picked up from behind the whirling crochet.” And she shares that she is “fantasising about a composed field of these beautiful crafted whirling fabrics, a short take of a small field of 4 is included in the video.”

crochet doily art by mariska de groot 2


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