Those of you who subscribe to my private newsletter through Patreon saw a first glimpse of this last week and I’m excited now to share it with everyone else (along with extra info that wasn’t in the newsletter). It is a product that is simple but ingenious and absolutely perfect for people who crochet in bed, either by choice or because they are stuck on bed rest. The solution: Chetnanigans Bedside Comfort Organizer.

Solving Small Problems in Smart Ways

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What I love about the Chetnanigans brand is that this is a small company that works with their hearts and hands to create items that solve problems for crafters. These aren’t huge problems; they are the kind of small irritations that a crocheter has likely come to accept as part of the work. This company identifies those little problems and finds smart, simple solutions for them. It all started with their first wooden organizer created by Sean when Holly needed a way to organize her crochet hooks. It has grown to include other products that solve additional issues, such as a wooden box designed to hold yarn scraps so they don’t cover your work space. This newest product is an organizer designed specifically to help simplify the craft space for those people who are crocheting from bed.

Crochet for Bed Rest

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As you know, I believe wholeheartedly in the many health benefits of crochet. I have seen so many situations where people crocheted in bed because it helped them to get through their days and nights. I, myself, struggle with insomnia and have used crochet to help me through long nights. And early on in my craft career, my depression was so intense that I often couldn’t bring myself to leave my bed; crochet was something that I could do to feel at least a little bit productive even if I was barely moving. There are a lot of people who are stuck on bed rest due to limited mobility caused by mental health issues and / or physical health issues. The latter may be temporary – women stuck on bed rest during pregnancy is a common example – or long-term (see one amazing case here). In either case, the body stops moving but the mind runs rampant and crochet can be an excellent way to soothe the mind and re-route ruminating thoughts into creative expression.

The Problems of Crocheting in Bed

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Anyone who crochets in bed knows that it is super cozy and comforting but it can also be a bit of a hassle; it is hard keeping crochet hooks, yarn, yarn scraps, scissors and other related notions in a place that is easily accessible without getting lots somewhere in the bed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been happily crocheting, set aside my work to go to the bathroom or take a break, and then in moving to resume the work dropped my crochet hook underneath the bed where it was impossible to reach without having to move furniture. It’s annoying when you’re able-bodied and well and can put a temporary halt to your crafting if you’re not.

An Organizer for Solving These Problems

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Chetnanigans Bedside Comfort Organizer was actually created at the request of a customer who is on bed rest several days per week. “She says crocheting saved her life but she can’t use (the company’s) regular organizers in bed; she asked us to build a bedside organizer.” Their solution is genius … a flat, stable base with an elevated, tilted display that holds your crochet hooks. You can hold up to twelve standard crochet hooks in here or half a dozen ergonomic hooks.

There are convenient spots to hold other notions, including stitch markers, scissors, a tape measures and a tapestry needle. Every item has its spot and many are held there with magnets so that they aren’t going to go anywhere even when you move a bit in bed and jostle the organizer. When you buy the organizer, you also get a 60″ retractable tape measure, 10 stitch markers, a pair of 5″ scissors and a tapestry needle with your purchase. In addition, the organizer holds a skein of yarn; there have been so many times I was crafting in bed and pulled on my yarn only to have it go falling off the bed to the floor. The organizer is connected by magnets and weighs just under 4 pounds when put together so it’s easy for most people to move around; it can be split into two parts if you need it even lighter.

The organizer is crafted using Red Oak. Most of it is finished with a lemon oil finish, and you are able to separate out the different parts of the organizer if you want to re-finish the wood and let it dry. My dad is a woodworker who is also a bit of a perfectionist so I’ve seen him put this kind of care into the things that he makes and can say from that experience that this is a good product with really thoughtful construction.



And More!

Bedside Comfort Crochet Organizer

Watch the video at the top of this post to the end to hear about two additional products that the company is working on to help solve crafting problems. You can also stay on top of what they’re creating by following Chetnanigans on Facebook.

In a note of disclosure, I want to share that I previously received some of the company’s products for review, which I posted about quite some time ago. They reached out to me about this new product and asked to send me one for review. I declined because I am currently decluttering and trying to limit what I add to my space. However, I really believe in the company and their products and asked them to just send me the info about it. I wanted to share it with all of you without compensation just because I believe in the product. That said, I’m a little won over by the smartness and helpfulness of the organizer and I may end up getting one for myself at some point after all!


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  1. Maria LaLima Reply

    That is lovely! And I think it is useful for anyone at any time – you don’t have to be stuck in bed to appreciate the ergonomics. I drop my hook and knitting needles all the time. It took me an hour to find my hook hiding in my chair!

  2. Hi Maria, Like you, I think this is an amazing solution to our crocheting problems. I may not drop my hooks & such all the time, but I WILL share with you something that might make you feel better about taking an hour to find a hook. I’m going to safely assume you know of the iPhone. Well, I have a Red iPod I bought not a year ago, come Nov. My problem is, I didn’t take an hour to find a hook, but I DID take 5 MONTHS to find my iPod, ’cause I forGOT I stuck it in the secret storage place my new dining table has. If you don’t know the table has that feature & I mean for those not familiar with my table, you won’t know I have anything stashed in there. Anything of value I mean. Sure, I remembered my placemats are in there, but the iPod? Never.

    Had I not gone to put the new tablecloth on, God only knows WHEN I would’ve found it. I thought someone took it. Thank God, that wasn’t the case. So don’t feel bad about taking an hour to find something. Just don’t do like me. It’s not the first time I put something safely away so no one can take it, but my problem is once I do that, I completely forget I ever did or where or when.

    Hope this makes you feel a lot better about the hook. I’ve got too many to begin with. Take care.


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  4. GENIUS!!! I have had 19 surgeries, and this really would have come in handy!!
    Crocheting after my surgeries have kept me SANE, finally a product that is a must!!

  5. Jon Muller Reply

    Just bought the Crochet Organizer for my mom, who’s super into crocheting. And lets just say she absolutely loves it!

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