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I have personally been on a kick of working with oversized hooks and fiber so Sarah Shrimpton’s book Supersize Crochet is not only on trend with the world but also right in line with where I am in my crafting. I love her take on using chunky yarns; she explains in the intro that it’s not just about making huge projects but about really pushing your limits of what you can do with bigger materials to make a variety of different things including accessories and home decor.

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Supersize Crochet Materials

Sarah provides a great basic starter guide to the materials that you’ll need for supersize crochet. She makes lots of different yarn suggestions; most of them are “super bulky” but there are a few lighter weight yarns in the mix. She even tells us how to make our own t-shirt yarn for some of the projects. Sarah explains that these project use a range of big crochet hooks including a couple of average size (about size G), several large-but-standard sizes (M, P, S) and even a size 40 mm crochet hook that doesn’t have a letter graded equivalent.

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Supersize Crochet Tips

What makes the book really helpful is that Sarah has included tips, drawn from her own experience, for working with oversized crochet. There are things that you do naturally in crochet – like how you hold your crochet hook and where you put your yarn while you’re working – that you probably don’t think much about but these things can get awkward when working in extreme sizes so it helps to get some insider tips. Sarah shares her best suggestions for weaving in thick ends, where to work on your pieces and more. In addition to a page of tips at the beginning of the book, each project comes with a “top tip” and other helpful suggestions.

Supersize Crochet Projects

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“The projects in this book are simple, coming together very quickly, and enormous stitches mean that it’s easy to see what you’re doing.”

There are 20 crochet projects in this book. The thing that I love most about chunky crochet is that it is so cozy to work with as well as to use, but another often-cited favorite feature is that no matter what you are making, you can work it up quickly. Sarah’s book includes two blankets as well as other large projects including a rug and a pet bed. She has four different cushions (five if you count one for pets!) ranging in size from a small seat pad to a large floor cushions. Other home items are as small as plant holders, storage baskets and wall art hangings. When it comes to wearables, you’ll find projects as small and quick as a necklace and as large as a blanket-size shrug. In other words, there is a huge variety of projects here including items that can be whipped up at a moment’s notice.

For the most part these crochet projects use very simple crochet stitches. Supersize crochet is great for that because it shows such terrific stitch detail; you get to really see the beauty of even the simplest stitch. You’ll also be able to practice some fun techniques including chevron crochet and crocheting over t-shirt yarn with a second yarn. It should be noted that this book is written using UK crochet terms so that takes a little adjusting if you’re used to American terms; there’s a guide to stitches in the back in case you need it. There is a nice mixture of color changes and monochrome projects.

All in all, this is a great book with lots of good patterns for making supersize crochet items. It will show you what you can do with extra large crochet and likely inspire you to take your materials to their limits with new ideas.

Supersize Crochet Snood Free Pattern

supersize crochet snood pattern

Supersize Crochet is a new crochet book. If you pre-order it on Amazon before 5/25/17 then you’ll be able to get a free bonus pattern for a supersize “gelato snood” crochet pattern. Here’s how:

1) Preorder Supersize Crochet on Amazon.

2) After you have placed your order, click here to visit the link to receive your free bonus project (you’ll need to input your order number, so have that handy).

3) Enjoy your free pattern immediately! Enjoy the patterns in the book when it arrives.

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