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The V-stitch has suddenly become one of the hottest stitches in crochet. Take one look at crochet on Instagram and you’ll see that dozens of people are posting photos of their newly-made colorful crochet v-stitch blankets. Some people are varying the v-stitch up by using fewer colors. Others are switching it up by making garments or accessories instead of blankets. But there’s no denying it; this stitch is hot. Want to do it a little differently than everyone else? Working in the back loop only (BLO), you can create a ribbed version of the crochet V-stitch, adding some texture and a bit more openness to the design without having to make any other changes.

How to Crochet the V-Stitch

You can learn how to crochet the classic v-stitch here. When you look at the final instructions in that tutorial, youll see that in a classic V-stitch, you work the Vs into the chain spaces created in the V-stitches from the rows below. This is important to pay attention to now because it’s where the change comes into play when you’re creating the ribbed V-stitch.

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Here are 15 free v-stitch crochet patterns.

How to Make the Ribbed V-Stitch Variation

To make the ribbed v-stitch variation, you’re going to work your first row of Vs in the same way that you would in a normal V-stitch crochet pattern. Then when you work your second row, you’re going to be working in the BLO. Here’s how:

  • Look at where you would normally work the V-stitch in the traditional way. It’s a chain space between the two double crochets of each V.
  • Notice that there is an empty chain space there in the middle.
  • Crochet your V into the BLO of this chain.

Working into the crochet chain stitch that’s in the middle of the Vs (rather than the space itself) can be cumbersome in the traditional Vstitch fabric. However, it’s not at all difficult when you’re working in the back loop only of those stitches because the hook easily slides between the loops.

A Variation on a Favorite Stitch

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of work at all to learn how to make this ribbed crochet version of the traditional (and trending) V-stitch. Simply work those Vs into the back loop only and do everything else the same.

Note: If there are any regular double crochet stitches in your pattern (rather than Vs) then youll just work those into the BLO of the dc in the row below.


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