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Leisure Arts publishes booklets of crochet patterns curated to fit a theme and I’m loving the one that they have for Retro Rugs. These seven crochet rugs work up quickly and with a plush feel because of the chunky yarn choices. There is variety in the designs and some unique twists on classic favorites.

Chunky Yarn Crochet Rugs

All of the crochet rug patterns in this book are made using some version of a bulky yarn. This is great because it means that the rugs work up quickly, offering you an opportunity to use this book for weekend projects even though you are making a large item for the home. The other thing that I love about chunky yarn for rugs is that it feels so good on the feet (or when you lie down on the rug) because of the thickness. You want to step onto rugs that are plush and bulkier yarns are more likely to offer this.

patchwork rug from retro rugs crochet book

Although they are all chunky yarn types, not every rug uses the same option; you’ll find bulky, super bulky and jumbo yarn rug patterns here. You will also find the option to use four strands together of worsted weight yarn to create your own bulkier weight yarn. I love multi-strand crochet projects so this particularly appeals to me.

Variations on Classic Crochet Designs

basketweave rug from retro rugs crochet book

These crochet rugs are retro in the sense that they reflect popular designs of the past. However, they have their own twists on the design that make them unique and fresh. For example, there is a basketweave crochet rug, which is a really popular stitch pattern. There are many ways to crochet basketweave but most commonly it uses double crochet stitches and they’re almost always bundled in sets of four or five. In Retro Rugs, the basketweave crochet pattern uses half double crochet in small bundles of two. The effect is slightly different from the norm, just enough to catch the eye and make you look twice, while still paying homage to the original style of rug design.

Easy Crochet Rug Patterns

woven rug from retro rugs crochet book

These are all easy crochet rug patterns that an advanced beginner should be able to make. They use primarily basic crochet stitches, incorporating some clusters, v-stitch and “treble crochet 4 together” to create some different textures that work well on rugs. In the case of the Patchwork rug you’ll be able to practice a combination of “turning” and “not turning” when crocheting in rows.

Some of the crochet rugs in this patterns are worked simply from top to bottom. Others are motif based and require some basic joining with whipstitch. In the case of the woven rug you’ll learn how to create simple strips and weave them together, which is a fun technique to add to your repertoire as a crocheter. Overall you’ll find that the rugs are both simple to make and quick to produce.


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