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This post is part of the Endangered Animal Crochet Project, raising awareness about endangered animals and offering you ways to do the same. Today we’ll look at the rhinoceros, learning more about the animal and curating rhino crochet patterns. If you use any of these patterns, you are invited to share them on Instagram with #endangeredanimalcrochet hashtag and / or submit them for a feature here on the blog. All info in this post.

rhino facts

Facts via Defenders of Wildlife

Endangered Animal: Rhino

save the rhino

Save The Rhino, a conservation organization, explains that there are 5 species of rhinoceros: white, black, Sumatran, Javan and the Greater One-Horned Rhino. Their population numbers range in size from approximately 20,000 white rhinos to 100 or less each of Javan and Sumatran rhinos.

According to World Wildlife Fund, the black rhino, Javan rhino and Sumatran rhino are all in critically endangered status. The Greater One-Horned Rhino is considered vulnerable. Save The Rhino reports:

“The overwhelming rhino conservation success story is that of the Southern white rhino. With numbers as low as 50-100 left in the wild in the early 1900s, this sub-species of rhino has now increased to between 19,666 and 21,085 and become the most populous of all the rhino species. Its status on the IUCN Red List is now Near Threatened.”

However, there are two subspecies of white rhino: Southern and Northern. Almost all of the remaining white rhinos are Southern. WWF explains that there are only 3 Northern White Rhinos left in the entire world. There is only one male Northern White Rhino left and in an interesting attempt to raise funds and awareness this rhino is on Tinder! The hope is to raise money for research to facilitate assisted breeding in the hopes that of bringing back some of his subspecies.

The major threats to the rhino are poaching for their horns and habitat loss, both of which are greatly exacerbated by issues related to political conflict in the areas where they live. According to African Wildlife Foundation, adult rhinos have no natural predators, except for man.

why rhino matters

Source and more info: WWF

Rhino Crochet Patterns

Here is a roundup of rhino crochet patterns including a mixture of free and for sale patterns. If you make one of these, you can help raise awareness for the rhino by tagging it with #endangeredcrochetanimal and sharing your reasons for making it. You can also submit it to me along with the Q&A for a feature post on the blog. All rhino shares welcome, using one of these patterns is not required.


crochet rhino pattern with african flowers

HeidiBears is a terrific crochet designer who has done an amazing job of creating patterns for a variety of animals using the beautiful, colorful African flower motif. Animals made from her patterns are immediately recognizable and always beautiful. This rhino crochet pattern, which she has named Thandi, is a particularly special one, because $1 of every pattern sold will be donated to the Kariega Foundation.

Amigurumi Crochet Rhino Patterns

africami rhino crochet pattern

This AfricAmi Rhinoceros Crochet Pattern by PlanetJune is just one of many terrific wild animal crochet patterns by this detail-oriented designer. You can purchase the crochet pattern on its own or as part of a set that includes patterns for a hippo and an elephant, too. This is a small one-horned rhino crochet pattern averaging 4″ – 6″ long depending on yarn selection.

amigurumi rhino free crochet pattern

This amigurumi rhino free crochet pattern by Stephanie Davies is available from Your Family. It is worked entirely in spiral crochet, using UK crochet terms. Most of the stitches are basic stitches although you will work invisible increases and FLO / BLO stitches, which are slightly more advanced. The details for the face and heart area are added with embroidery. This cute rhino has the double horn and lots of shaping in the ears and hooves, making it a great toy.

austin the rhino crochet pattern

Austin the Rhino is one of the fabulous crochet animals in the Edward’s Menagerie collection by Kerry Lord. Instructions come to make this animal in four different sizes from a small 12 cm to a giant size almost 3 times as big as the small one. You can purchase the pattern by itself or get the entire collection of 30 animal crochet patterns in print or online.

rhino crochet puzzle pattern

Dedri Uys is an impressive crochet designer who has made a series of fabulous amigurumi puzzles, called Amamani for short, including this rhino crochet puzzle pattern. It is made in three parts that can be assembled and taken apart. It’s great for all ages – put one on your desk and when people inevitably pick it up you can tell them what makes you care about endangered animals.

small crochet rhino amigurumi free pattern

This small crochet rhino pattern is offered as a free download on Ravelry from Kristi Tullus. She has included a lot of detailed tutorial information to assist even beginners in making this amigurumi rhino. It is about 4.5″ long and 5.5″ tall.

crochet rhino pattern for sale

This crochet rhino pattern, like the one above, uses a different colored yarn for the horn and nails to allow those details to really pop out. This pattern, for sale from Son’s Popkes, uses a woolly yarn to give a bit of a hairy look to the animal. Fun fact: the Sumatran rhino is hairy.

crochet rhino amigurumi toy pattern

This is Max The Rhino, a crochet amigurumi rhino pattern sold by One & Two Company. This one is colorful and wears cute suspender clothing. This is a great item to give as a gift. This crochet rhino pattern can also be made into a lovey blanket.

rhino amigurumi pattern with sweater

This amigurumi rhino crochet pattern is adorned with a colorful cute crochet sweater. This pattern is sold on Etsy by Mongoreto.

crochet rhino pattern with flower

Here is another amigurumi crochet rhino toy pattern. It has more of a cartoonish look to it, making it a friendly toy, especially when created in a bright color with the additional flower appliqué. This pattern is sold on Ravelry by Mariska Vos-Bolman.

plumber rhino crochet pattern

Looking for a really different crochet rhino pattern? How about a rhino that’s also a plumber! This is a fun one for kids who are at the age where they’re interested in different jobs and roles. This pattern is for sale on Etsy from Airali.

rhino pillow crochet pattern

This is Noah The Rhino, a crochet pattern written in both Danish and English, for sale on Ravelry from Nuno Trolle. This unique pattern has a Scandinavian design appeal. It is large enough to function as a small pillow although it is designed as a stuffed animal.

mini rhino crochet pattern

Here is a tiny mini amigurumi crochet rhino pattern. This one is small enough that you could attach it to a keychain. That’s a great daily reminder of your commitment to caring about endangered animals! This pattern is for sale on Ravelry from Starbeamer patterns who also has a larger toy rhino crochet pattern.

baby rhino crochet pattern free

And here is one more tiny amigurumi rhino crochet pattern. This one is a free pattern with an oversized head that makes it look like a baby rhino. It is from Micaschiste.

Other Crochet Rhino Patterns

rhino hat crochet pattern

This rhino hat crochet pattern is sold on Etsy by HGS Designs. It uses very basic crochet stitches. Instructions are available for six different sizes ranging from newborn through adult. Make one of these to wear and when people ask about it let them know why you care about the rhino as an endangered animal!

rhino crochet hat pattern with braids

Riley Rhino is another crochet rhino hat pattern, this one designed by the very talented Ira Rott Designs. It comes with info to make the hat in 8 different sizes, from six month through adult. This cute character has a bit of a cartoon look to it and is accessorized with hat braids. This same crochet rhino character can be turned into a rhino lovey blanket.

rhino rattle crochet pattern

Teach baby about endangered animals at a very young age with the introduction of this rhino crochet rattle pattern for sale on Etsy from KNUFL. This is a two-horned crochet rhino head that is attached to a teething ring.

rhino lovey crochet pattern

This rhino lovey crochet pattern combines the comfort of a squeezable rhino toy with the coziness of a blanket. This crochet pattern is by HGS Designs and is sold on Etsy. The blanket prtion is a classic granny square and overall this is an easy crochet pattern made with basic stitches.

rhino taxidermy crochet pattern

Crochet taxidermy is a great way to honor endangered animals and show how we can display our love of them without harming them. This crochet taxidermy rhino pattern for sale from Pepika also doubles as a jewelry holder. It is beautiful in the bright purple color but you could make it a grey to stay true to the animal or create it another color to suit your decor.

It’s Your Turn!

You can participate in the Endangered Animal Crochet Project. Crochet a rhino using any of these patterns or your own original design then do one or more of the following:

  • Tag it with #endangeredanimalcrochet and share it on social media.
  • Submit it with your Q&A form for a feature on this site. Find the questions here.
  • Sell it to raise money for charity and contribute a donation to one of the organizations linked here or another of your choosing. Remember to check with the pattern designer to make sure it’s okay for you to sell items made with their pattern.

If you know of any other rhino crochet patterns, especially if the designer donates a portion of proceeds to a related cause, please feel free to mention it in the comments here. You can also share any thoughts you have (positive only, we don’t do negativity on this blog) about why it’s important to care about endangered animals in general and rhinos specifically.


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