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For awhile I’ve been trying to come up with a new blog project that I could get really excited about. I wanted something that would give me a reason to share more unique crochet patterns with you (since that is what so many people love) but also something that would feel really meaningful and inspiring to me. I finally came up with an idea that I am really excited about and I hope that you will be too. I’m calling it The Endangered Animal Crochet Project.

What Is The Endangered Animal Crochet Project?

Put simply, this is a series of blog posts that I will be doing here on Crochet Concupiscence to spread awareness about endangered animal species while also offering readers links to unique animal crochet patterns.

What Will These Posts Include?

Each crochet post (which will begin shortly with a post about rhinos) will include the following:

  • A small bit of information about the endangered animal
  • Links to resources where you can find out more about this animal and its status as endangered
  • A roundup of crochet patterns inspired by that animal
  • In a few cases, there are actually crochet designers who donate a portion of their sales to related charities; those patterns will be specially highlighted when available
  • Links to additional charities that are commonly known to support these animals; the reason for this is just in case anyone wants to use the animal crochet patterns (or create their own) to sell for raising money for charity

And Posts With Your Own Crochet and Stories

I am inviting anyone who makes a crochet version of an endangered animal (whether or not it’s been featured yet on my blog) to send me high-quality, clear photos of their crochet item along with the answers to the following Q&A questions for your own feature on Crochet Concupiscence. Here are those questions:

  • When and how did you learn to crochet?
  • What is the story behind making this crochet animal?
  • Which crochet pattern did you use and who is the designer? (It’s fine if you didn’t use a pattern but if you did then let’s give credit to the designer!)
  • Why are you participating in the Endangered Animal Crochet Project?
  • What do you want people to know about the importance of this animal / endangered animals?
  • What else, if anything, have you done to help endangered animals? (it’s okay if this is your first effort but I’d love to share if you have taken another actions)
  • If you could change one thing for the animals of the world, what would it be?
  • What benefits has crochet offered to your life (health or otherwise)?
  • Where online can we find you? (2 links max to your website or social media, optional)

Please answer the questions above and send them, along with photos of your own crochet work of these animals, to me via email (kathryn.vercillo over on gmail). If you want to complete a longer interview (not necessary, but a great way to share more about yourself), you can choose to answer any of the questions found here in addition to those above.

Use the Hashtag

If you make any of the crochet animals using patterns featured in this blog series, please use the hashtag #endangeredanimalcrochet to share them on social media. Tag me @kvercillo on Instagram in photos for opportunities to be featured on my account there. Try to include the name and designer of the pattern if it’s not your original so we give proper credit where it is due. And if you really want to help spread awareness, add information to your social posts about why you care about this endangered animal.

Why This Project?

It is really important to me to offer unique, original content related to crochet that you simply can’t find elsewhere on the web. There is nothing wrong with crochet tutorials and pattern roundups; people love them and I love sharing them with you because it lets you know more about what’s out there in crochet and gives attention to all of the awesome designers and crafters in our world. However, Crochet Concupiscence is more than five years old and now has an archive of 4000+ posts, so I have already shared a lot of that information. I want to do something different, in part because I want to offer something new to you and in part because it also keeps me more passionate about my work. I want to do things that you haven’t seen before and things that, hopefully, can have a positive impact on the world.


Of course, my particular area of interest has been the health benefits of crochet and – expanding on that – how craft heals individuals and communities. I will continue posting information about this and do hope that those people who submit their items for their own feature posts here will answer the question about how crochet has benefitted them in their lives. But it’s also time to take a new approach and I think the Endangered Animal Crochet Project offers a great opportunity for doing that.

My hope is that this project will:

  • Raise awareness for the animals
  • Remind us all to care a little more about the world around us
  • Give people a way to contribute to raising awareness by sharing their works and stories on the blog
  • Launch a social media trend for spreading awareness through sharing crochet animal photos
  • Highlight pattern designers who donate to related causes
  • Provide unique crochet animal pattern roundups that will inspire many crafters

And make you smile. Endangered animals is a very serious topic but the crochet animals are a cute, accessible way to spread awareness and I hope that seeing them will brighten your day.

A Few Important Notes

Just some housekeeping to get out of the way:

  • I am not affiliated with any of the organizations that I’ll be sharing. I’m committed to doing solid research about the values of the organizations I list but don’t know them personally and can’t account for everything they do or how they spend their money.
  • I am not getting any sponsorship or payment for any of the pattern shares that I offer, including features of particular patterns where the designer donates money to a cause. I’m just sharing what is out there to let more people know about these great patterns and people.
  • I do not have a specific posting schedule for this blog series or a timeline in which it will be completed. I aim to post at least once per week on this topic but I know from experience that it’s best to be flexible about a schedule. These posts will be interspersed with my other regular posts about crochet books, fashion, art, health, etc.
  • I will be starting with animals that The World Wildlife Fund lists as Critically Endangered and may also later include endangered, vulnerable and threatened animal species in this project.
  • I intend to include amigurumi crochet patterns (which are easy to find for many animals) as well as other types of of projects (loveys, afghans, clothing, appliqués) whenever I can find them to make the project accessible to different styles of crocheters.

Animal photos for project collage via Creative Commons, Wikipedia; Hook/ yarn photo via Pixabay


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  2. Ari Desarro Reply

    Loving forward to your project! I am an avid animal lover and of course love to crochet. I am not very good at amigurumi but have tried a few patterns with some success. When I could I did donate to the WWW but have not been able for some time.. This would be a great way to donate! Will follow your blog for updates.

  3. As an amigurumi designer and an avid animal lover (I have my Masters in Zoology), I just love this idea! Well done :) So glad that this is getting some coverage. There are so many animals in Africa (where I’m from and live) that are endangered, it’s just heartbreaking. Thank you for making a difference!

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