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One of my favorite unique crochet books for making kids’ toys is Honk! Beep! Vroom! by Cathy Smith. The eight crochet patterns in this book show you how to create a mixture of different vehicles that would be perfect as a play set for young girls and boys. And the are toys that move! In addition to making these for play, it can also be fun to make these for a themed party, as crochet pillows for a child’s room or to use as photo props. Basically, these are super fun to make and enjoy, no matter what your age but especially if crafting for kids.

crochet school bus pattern

The Crochet Car Patterns

There are eight different crochet car and truck patterns in this book. Many are the classic toy “work” cars that kids love to play with including the police car, fire truck and ambulance. You will also find a taxi cab, dump truck and school bus. The collection of crochet patterns is rounded out with a convertible and a VW Beetle. Make the whole collection or stick to a smaller section of the set depending on the play set you wish to create.

crochet vw beetle pattern

Crochet Play Toys or Stuffies

The crochet patterns in this book are designed to be adaptable to your specific needs. There are instructions for using craft materials to create wheels that actually roll so that these vehicles can be used in play, which is the think that makes this book so unique. It’s the movable wheels that really set these patterns apart from other amigurumi crochet cars; they are designed to play! The book offers detailed information about how to make the toys roll properly for active engagement. However, you also have the option of creating the patterns as crocheted stuffies so that they work as pillows or huggable “dolls” instead. This is a versatile crochet book that gives you much more than just the 8 patterns.

crochet police car pattern

More About this Crochet Book

Each crochet pattern in this book comes with a simple description, high quality photos and detailed written instructions. For example, the police car pattern has crochet instructions for the body of the car, the fender, the bumper, the doors, the door trim, the flashing lights, the headlights, the taillights, the bottom frame, the bottom plant, the wheels, the axles and the axle bases. This is a detailed vehicle! The book includes a section with basic crochet instructions in case you need to brush up on any of the stitches required for the patterns. Overall these are simple patterns that rely on single crochet.

crochet convertible car pattern

What Others Had To Say

Here are some of the things that other craft book reviewers had to say about this book:

“The instructions included in this book are extremely clear and well written – making the assembly and construction of the vehicles achievable.” – Oombawka Design

“Cathy Smith was one brilliant designer when she came up with these moveable crochet patterns … From a dump truck that lifts and dumps to a police car that can actually roll along the floor, you’re going to be amazed at what you find in this book.” – All Free Crochet

“Geared toward crocheters with intermediate skill levels, readily accessible materials such as plastic canvas, dowels, straws, hot glue gun and a saw to cut the dowels are required. We are not usually expected to use such multi-media materials, but it should not be a deterrant to tackling one of these projects.” – Crochet Queen

“These adorable little cars are great for any car lover, children and adults alike.” – The Stitchin’ Mommy

Crochet Author Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith is a mother of two boys who likely enjoyed creating these designs in part for them. She learned to crochet and then to knit as a child and she enjoys crafting for others more than for herself. She offers some of her patterns on her site but of course you’ll need to buy the book to get the crochet car and truck patterns.


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