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Today I wanted to make sure that you know about a request for crochet flowers from a very special girl n the crochet community. The request is from Jenny, the daughter of Amanda from the popular UK subscription box Little Box of Crochet. Jenny was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 15; after some period of remission, she is now going to lose her battle with cancer. It is a sad time, but crochet has been an integral part of the past few years for this family and Jenny’s requested contributions in this last state of her life.

Jenny’s Story and Little Box of Crochet

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Jenny was diagnosed at age 15, at which time her mother Amanda closed her hairdressing shop to focus on caring for her daughter. She started her blog, Amanda Makes, and shares, “When Jenny got sick, creativity became our comfort blanket and therapy. The thing I enjoyed most was crochet. What had been a pleasant hobby became a passion.” Two years later Jenny was doing well enough for Amanda to resume work and the idea for Little Box of Crochet was born. This subscription box has been a beautiful addition to the world of crochet and a joy to watch develop. Learn more.

Request for Crochet Flowers

crochet flower for jenny

Here’s the request, which you can find on Instagram (where you will also find the address for mailing contributions):

“This is Emma and I’m asking you again for your help. I am asking for a “call to arms” or rather a “call to hooks”! Our girl, our lovely courageous girl has asked for flowers to decorate her coffin. I am going to be brutally honest with you and tell you that I am struggling to find the right words for this post. I am sorry if it’s clunky. This young woman has more grit and courage than I could ever hope to attain and as far as I’m concerned, if she has asked me to ask you, then I will and you, I hope, will excuse the inelegance of my heartache. We don’t have much time and I would love Jenny to see as many of them as possible so if you’d like to send a flower please do and as soon as you are able. Please don’t be concerned about colour or yarn or technical ability, a flower is a flower and we will cherish every one. I know Amanda and Jenny are grateful to you all for your love and support. We can’t always respond to all of your comments but we read them all and we appreciate them so much. Thank you all for everything.”

A Little Control and Creativity During a Difficult Journey

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I think it’s important to share this post from Amanda, which helps illuminate a bit of this difficult process that the family is going through.

“Oh my darlings. It’s Amanda here. We woke up this morning to a feed full of beautiful flowers. You really are the best. Jenny has been pleased to be able to make her funeral arrangements. I know it may sound morbid to some, but she had lost control of everything and for her this is something she can still do the way she wants it. We were talking about what flowers she’d like and she said ‘Wouldnt it be cool to have crochet flowers?’ Pom-poms are also good! She’s determined to make this a fantastic celebration of her life and here you are,again, making it happen for her. Thank you all so much!”

There aren’t words to describe what this family and their friends must be going through. It’s one of those unfair life things that breaks the heart. Jenny is a strong, beautiful, brave young woman who is really an inspiration. I want to send them my love and feelings of peace during this time; I hope you do as well.


Be sure to photograph your crochet flowers and tag them on Instagram with #aflowerforjenny so she can see as many of them as possible.

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    • Posted my small contribution today though sad that it has to be done. Hope the love we all send with our little blossoms wraps you all closely xx

  1. This breaks my heart. God Bless Jenny and her family. I am praying for them all; with tears in my eyes and a please God, let her get better. Thank you for this beautiful story Kathryn, xoxo

  2. I have felt so emotional about your story. As have many others my little flowers will be posted tomorrow. Sending much love to you all xx

  3. Flowers left Indiana, USA, today. Praying they arrive in time.

  4. Jenny’s flowers were posted with love from Lincolnshire on Friday. What a very beautiful and extremely brave darling you are. Sending love and hugs.
    Xxoo ?????

  5. caroline h Reply

    made a few flowers for Jenny and posted from Belgium… hope they make their way safely.

  6. Hello, I made any flowers with no special intention in my mind. But now i found this feed and want to give you my flowers. Where should i send it?

  7. My deepest sympathies for the Mom and family/friends of.this beautiful young lady.
    RIP Jenny, your spirit has touched a lot of lives.

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