The UNTIED-UNITED collaborative yarnbombing art project in Ypsilanti is an inspiring piece designed to fight the divisiveness happening in our country today by bringing children together in a “web of interconnectedness”. Allida from Fly Children’s Art Center, which hosted the project, writes:

One of the things that has always drawn me to Fiber Art is the way that from lines of just thread, there forms a structure. The interlacing of threads in knitting, weaving, and crochet tie together into a variety of bonds creating different properties and making different kinds of fabrics, which in turn have their own properties of texture and flow …

Yarnbombing Art to Promote Interconnectedness

Our community is like that, we are all different and we all make different choices, but because each one of us is part of the community, the choices that we make affect all of us. Pulling one thread in the web moves the whole cloth.

The description of the project on Vimeo adds:

Over 100 people participated, throwing, weaving, and tying yarn onto our frame and playing in the space created. The finished hanging is a tangible artifact of thousands the thousands of choices and interactions that made it.”

The event was part of DIYpsi, a twice-yearly handmade art festival in Michigan that was started in 2010 by their local artists. They say, “Our intent is to be one component of a thriving community of entrepreneurs, artists, organizations and events that serve to build it up.


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