stripe savvy leisure arts book

Stripe Savvy is a Leisure Arts crochet book designed to showcase the beautiful Lion Brand Landscapes Yarn. There are 14 crochet patterns in this book, each highlighting the possibilities of self-striping yarn.

diagonal stripe crochet hat

Variety of Projects

There is a great variety of projects in this crochet book, which makes it a great resource for showing how self-striping yarn can look when used to make different accessories. There are several patterns each for crochet hats, scarves, fingerless gloves and cowls. There are also crochet patterns for a poncho, vest, shawl and shrug.

rainbow stripe crochet scarf

Varied Styles of Striping

The different types of projects also show different ways to use the self-striping effects of yarn like this. The Shaded Hat and Wristers have a twist to them so that the stripes are diagonal, offering a unique flowing look to the accessories. The Peabody Hat is worked so that half of the stripes are horizontal and the other vertical, creating a strikingly unique design. This same type of effect is used to add vertical edges to the end of a striped scarf in the Hot Springs Hat and Scarf Set – which also has vertical ribbing on the horizontally striped hat. The Rainbow Strip Scarf has unique construction; it is made in small strips that are sewn together in random places to create a layered, striped design.

stripe savvy crochet scarf

Crochet Project Details

These crochet patterns all use the Landscapes yarn, although of course you could try switching out for another self-striping worsted weight yarn. Most of the projects use 2-3 skeins of the yarn, although some use more (with the poncho requiring 6). Each project comes with a recommended color, which is the one shown in the photos for the finished project, but you can use any of the different colorways to make any of the projects. This allows you to purchase the yarn you like and make several different designs with it. Most of the projects are worked with a size K crochet hook, although I and J are also occasionally called for. Most of the projects use basic crochet stitches; you’ll also find v-stitch, ripples and fans.


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