Roberta shares her crochet story today. We learn about the things she enjoys in crafting and how it has improved her life.

When did you learn to crochet?

I first learned to crochet by a neighbor lady who took the time to teach me when I was around 10 years of age. She showed me how to make colorful granny squares. I made stacks of them.

Have you ever taught anyone else to crochet?

I recently taught a good friend to crochet. She said no one had ever taken the time like I had with her to show her how to crochet. She made her daughter an infinity scarf that I showed her how to crochet.

What is your basic story of how crochet has helped you?

Crocheting relaxes me and helps me cope with stress. I recently got back in to crocheting again after a long phase of not doing it. It has helped me get through stressful situations in my life as well as to connect with others.

What is the number one most healing / beneficial aspect of crochet for you?

I would say “peace of mind” is the most healing aspect of crocheting. It allows me to be open to others and be helpful by making things for them.

Do you watch TV or listen to anything when you craft?

I like to listen to music while I crochet. I feel relaxed and trancelike when crocheting. It makes me feel good.

Are you generally alone when crocheting?

I usually crochet alone, but have often thought about joining crochet groups. Unfortunately, I have not received support from my spouse in my craft.

What types of crochet projects do you find most healing?

I enjoy more repetitive projects because they are soothing and relaxing for my mind.

Who do you typically crochet for?

I mostly crochet for others. I have made five colorful infinity scarves for ladies I have worked with, two more for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, a black slouch hat for a male friend, and a very soft cap for a friend of my mother’s who was going through chemotherapy. I get more satisfaction from making things for others. I think when you put your heart in to making something, it should be given away for others to enjoy. I have seen it heal and make people upbeat and smiling when I have given them a crocheted gift. This is a positive and rewarding experience for me and for them.

Have you ever crocheted a prayer shawl?

I have never crocheted a prayer shawl, but have thought about it. All my crocheting is meditative and mindful. When I made the chemo hat for my mother’s friend, I repeated constant positive affirmations for her healing as I completed each row.

Do you do any other crafts? What other things do you do to heal?

I have made jewelry with beads, but that doesn’t give me the same meditative benefits as crocheting. For general healing, I do my best to think positive thoughts and always hope for a satisfactory outcome with anything I do.

Finish the sentence: “The number one reason that I crochet is ….”

… to silence the noise in my head.



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