I’ve been enjoying looking back at 2016 in crochet as a reminder of just how much amazing inspiration there is in this craft throughout the world and across different disciplines. We have looked at crochet art, books and fashion. Today let’s look back at my favorite topic: CROCHET HEALTH.

How Crochet Heals

pocket prayer shawls

15 Stories Celebrating Crochet Health including my Lion Brand article on The Healing Features of Crochet Pocket Prayer Shawls

linda crochet hearts mandala

5 ways to prevent heart disease with crochet

crochet for stress relief

April was Stress Awareness Month and the Craft Yarn Council did really awesome things all month long to raise awareness about the heart health benefits of knitting and crochet – including a big lemon drop on tax day using the Twinkie Chan lemon stress ball free pattern!

knitting as therapy in play

Knitting as Therapy in Local Play About Homeless Veterans

crochet heals 2

Crafting a Life: Knitting as Prayer (video talk)

crochet saves lives

A History of Crochet as Occupational Therapy; excerpt from Crochet Saved My Life

richele crochet mandala with heart

Finding Love in the Crochet Community

crochet heals

Benefits of Crochet and Knitting for Kids


Senior Crochet Club Shares Benefits of Crochet

cheekyb crochet saved my life

Looking back at Crochet Saved My Life

crochet heals 2

Decreasing Mental Health Stigma: A Story Told Through Crochet Dolls

Crochet Heals Interviews

crochet heals 2

How Crochet Heals Phyllis Ann


Crochet Heals: Lori’s Story


Crochet Heals: Katrina’s Story

crochet dress

Crochet Heals: Cynthia’s Story

crochet health

How Crochet Helped After a Traumatic Brain Injury


Emma’s Story: Crafting Through Chronic Pain


Laura’s Story: Crochet for Connection


Lydia’s Kidney Operation Crochet Story


Interview with Anna of CounterIntuitive Knit and Crochet


Bonnie’s Story


Tanya’s Story

donnas crochet 15 heart

Crochet Heals Donna

writing a crochet pattern

Crochet Heals: Interview with Sara Leighton

crochet heals

Crochet Heals Terri (interview)

crochet heals

How Crochet Helps Erica Dawn Rackett

Crochet Stories in Magazines

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 6.19.52 PM

Find an article related to my Hook to Heal book in Simply Crochet Magazine Issue 42

happily hooked

Read my crochet health interview with Jonathan Furches in Happily Hooked Issue 24

anjas squares

My article about Anja’s Squares was featured in Happily Hooked issue 25

crochet heals pat l

Crochet Heals: My interview with Pat L. was offered as a supplement to Happily Hooked subscribers in February

interweave crochet spring 2016

Kathie Helm shared her story with me, which I was able to share in Interweave Crochet Spring 2016, which is also the magazine’s 10th birthday issue


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