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Back in 2011 I started a series of weekly blog posts sharing “4 simple joys” that related to crochet. I only did 4 of those posts but when I look back at them, they make me smile. I think it’s always good to think about the reasons we love crochet and the things that we love about it. I wanted to re-share those posts today to celebrate again what I adore about this craft. Here are the things I listed in those posts:

  1. Crochet hearts. They are simple to make. They go well on everything. And there are tons of different crochet heart patterns!
  2. Chatting about crafting over cocktails. I love getting together with a girlfriend, having some drinks and talking about all sorts of things including crochet.
  3. A day of reviewing crochet books. I love taking a whole day to browse through crochet books, look at patterns, get inspired and write reviews.
  4. Reading crochet books while sipping coffee. Two of my favorite things. Here are some of the most readable crochet books (as opposed to pattern books)
  5. Holiday posts on crochet blogs. It’s lovely hearing lots of well wishes and stories related to holidays (not just the winter holidays either!)
  6. Exploring different crochet artists to see what amazing types of things people are doing.
  7. Yarnbombing. I love contributing small pieces to large collaborative yarn bombs and I love seeing what others are doing in this niche of the craft.
  8. The pleasurable feel of cashmere yarn running through my fingers in the luxury yarn store.
  9. The local library! It carries a lot of crochet books, including new ones, including the ones I’ve authored! And I can get several crochet magazines online through my library.
  10. Textures and unique stitches. I named my four favorites at the time as: bobbles, crochet cables, crochet shells and Solomon’s Knots.

I can think of so many more joys than these ones that I listed then. The joy of meditative crochet. The joy of sharing stories about crocheting. The joy of developing ideas for a new pattern or project. The joy of finding solace in a tough day by turning to crafting. The joy of looking through beautiful crochet images on Instagram and Pinterest. The joy of seeing someone else learn the craft for the first time. The joy of solving a challenging design problem. The joy of learning a new stitch. The joy of learning how others learned to crochet. The joy of always coming back to the hook.

This is a craft that gives me endless joy in so many ways … and I love remembering why that is!



San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

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  1. would love the hat pattern in the picture- Retired and returned to crochet !!!
    Did not like the sudden feel of not being needed so went back to my “root”
    so to speak and bought yarn, found my hooks and the result is all over
    my old dining room (no entertaining!) Just last week took a bag of hats to the
    local food pantry – they were thrilled — thus my new purpose!!

    Love all the sharing of ideas and patterns on the blogs, Thank you and your fellow
    Bloggers and Stitchers who share so much!!!

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