I love the work that Ernesto Neto does creating large scale installations in crochet. When I saw that Knithacker had posted about a recent visit to a kid-friendly exhibit of his at Tonya Bonakdar Gallery, I realized I hadn’t checked into what he’s been up to in awhile. Here’s what he’s shown there:

The Serpent’s Energy Gave Birth to Humanity


This is the current exhibit, running through mid-December 2016. It is a solo exhibition of the artist’s work, his first gallery show since 2012. The press release shares in part:

“Emerging as a synthesis of Neto’s own decades-long practice and the artist’s recent collaborations with the Huni Kuin, an indigenous community from the Brazilian Amazon, The Serpent’s Energy Gave Birth To Humanity marks a major moment in Ernesto Neto’s practice, when formally rigorous questions intersect with notions of interactivity, connectivity and spirituality as related to the natural world.


Central to the current presentation is Neto’s exploration of shamanism as science, the natural world and its phenomena, and community based crafts. In 2014, Neto and members of the Huni Kuin embarked on a series of artistic exchanges that investigate the rituals and shamanistic traditions of the tribe. The Huni Kuin’s spiritual life, their desire for healing in harmony with nature, and the wisdom and serenity they draw from their deep connection with the energy of the planet, introduced into Neto’s work a new awareness to the scared dimension of nature and to its internal geometry. Drawing inspiration from these traditions, medicines and customs, his new body of work speaks of internal transformation, and adds layers of meaning to his inquiry into connectivity as a social and ecological concern.”


Boa in Finland

Ernesto Neto had an installation in Finland earlier this year called Boa.

ernesto-neto-crochet-art ernesto-neto-crochet-artist

And Some Previous Works

ernesto-neto-crochet-art outdoor-crochet-art-ernesto-neto



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