I have just discovered the short films of KONDO Yuichi on Vimeo. The two shown here are Japanese language films with English subtitles that tell charming stories with a crochet doll as a main character. These films combine human characters with amigurumi with the same ease that they combine stunning landscape shots with close-up detailed images. These films are beautiful, adorable, heart-touching and charming.

This one is about two girls who are very good friends until they realize that they both have a crush on the same boy. This puts distance between them, which we learn about through flashbacks while one of them is selling her amigurumi cats at a market / fair. One of those cats comes to life in an effort to find a cat that the other girl has, helping to reunite the two girls.

And this one is another story that combines girls with stop motion animation crochet to tell a tale. This one has a slightly darker storyline but one that is heartwarming, too.


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