I really loved watching this video in which a woman does “live crocheting” in front of an audience. She has a model there with her and she crochets a dress right on to the living model. She talks through a bit of her process, which incorporates basic crochet stitches in a freeform approach. The dress gets worked up quickly!

The crafter working here is Renaissance Marie Austin, a performing and visual artist who started crocheting at the age of 8, calling yarn crafting an inheritance that was passed down from her grandmother and will live on through her. She shares on Ravelry,


“I started my business, Raghouse International, in 2000 and have built a wonderful brand from there. Currently, I teach crochet and design crochet wear for Gather Yarn shop in Downtown Los Angeles.”

She sells her crochet patterns on Ravelry. Learn more on her blog.


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