There are terrific crochet designers, makers, artists, and bloggers all around the world. Today let’s take a look at some of the great crochet coming out of Australia.

Sponsor Love: American Yarns (in Australia!)

yarn australia

American Yarns is a company that brings popular US yarns to Australia. From the website: “American Yarns was created from my passion of crocheting, I could not find quality nor the variety of yarn from the stores locally and hence I went looking elsewhere. During my research I discovered this wonderful opportunity to provide Australian lovers of craft quality yarn to complete craft projects at an affordable price. My idea was to provide only yarn to my customers, but, I decided to offer quality handmade products using the quality yarn that I could not find in Australia. All our handmade products for sale are 100% Australian handmade by our designers and our yarns are imported directly from the US. We provide in fashion colours that will match you’re in style home decor and or wardrobe. Our aim is to provide and deliver quality products made with love and care along with a friendly, reliable and quality service to all our customers.”

Australian Crochet Books

crochet camping adventure book

Kate of Greedy for Colour is an Australian living in New Zealand who has created the crochet character Stanley and shares his adventures through writing and patterns. Her book Let’s Go Camping!: Crochet Your Own Adventure is a combination crochet book and storybook.

craft book

Craft for the Soul: How to Get the Most Out of Your Creative Life is a beautiful book by Pip of Meet Me At Mike’s who has done some terrific posts about craft that enhances your life. She has beautiful crochet work and is always a joy to follow online.

textile book

Strange Material: Storytelling through Textiles is a terrific book by Leanne Prain, who is based in Canada. It includes an interview with artist Sayraphim Lothian who has a cool project called Moment in Yarn where she takes an individual’s story or memory and translates it into a crochet granny square so that they can have a tangible memory. Sayraphim is an Australian artist who also does immersive artwork in the area and around the globe through Pop Up Playground.


Frankie is an Australian magazine that regularly features crochet

Australian Crochet Designers


Michelle of Poppy & Bliss is a Melbourne-based crochet blogger and designer. Picture above is her Tunisian Sunset crochet blanket pattern. All of her work is rich in color and inspiring in design.


Jenny King is one of the most prolific Australian knitting and crochet pattern designers. This is her Hoshimi shrug crochet pattern.

crochet washcloths

Julie of Little Woolie lives “on the quiet side of the Mornington Peninsula outside Melbourne”. This is her tapestry crochet washcloths pattern.

crochet bags tutorial

Crochet designer Shelley of Spincushions lives by the coast in South West Victoria, Australia. She creates beautiful crochet patterns (including this cotton bag crochet pattern) and has curated some of her work into more than half a dozen ebooks.

crochet mary card

One of the earliest known crochet designers was Mary Card, a 19th century Australian crochet designer

Australian Crochet Art

crochet coral reef

The Crochet Coral Reef Project was launched by California-based scientific crochet artists Wertheim sisters and has had installations around the world. It represents (and raises awareness) about the damage being done by humans to the Great Barrier Reef.

crochet knit poppies

5000 Poppies … “Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight set out to crochet a humble 120 poppies to “plant” at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne Australia for Remembrance Day in 2013 in honour of their fathers … It was this simple tribute of love and honour that sparked a massive community outpouring with an estimated 50,000 plus contributors to the project and hundreds of smaller localised installations throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond..”

crochet flower power art

Prudence Mapstone is an amazing freeform crochet artist and textile artist from Australia who recently curated the 50 Years of Flower Power Project, which has been displayed multiple times throughout the country.

queen_babs crochet inspiration

Jane Balke-Anderson, better known as Queen Babs, is a terrific Sydney-based yarn bomb artist who does beautifully colorful crochet work and shares inspiring messages of hope with those who follow her on social media.

yarnbombing wine

YARN BOMBING WINE project at Taranga Winery in South Australia. The work was used as cover art for a wine bottle!

gooseflesh crochet wip

Helle Jorgensen, AKA Gooseflesh, is an Australian artist who does beautiful work using reclaimed materials to create fresh takes on nature. She has some done some interesting work combining crochet with driftwood.

recycled material brooch

Magda Van Der Vloed is a South African crochet artist but in this piece she collaborated to upcycle telephone wires into brooches and sell them through Australian company Stem

crochet ballerina

DeviantArt Australian crafter Honourary Weasley takes commissions for little cute crochet characters made in microcrochet.

crochet character app

The art for the iPhone game Loopy Lost His Lettuce was made using crochet creatures was made by Australian crafter Gem of the shop Twizzlez

granny square crochet fox art workbyknight

Digital Granny Square Art from WorkbyKnight

Australian Crochet Fashion

Lisa Maree Crochet Swimsuit

Lisa Maree is one of the world’s leading crochet swimsuit designers

hello kitty drag queen crochet

Deborah Elkes is an Australian crocheter who shared her story with us back in 2012 about how she uses crochet to help her through chronic fatigue. She has also created some drag queen crochet fashion.


Chuckles and Boo was an Australian clothing line inspired by vintage crochet fashion

crochet ring tops

Australian business Coussinet has sold upcycled pop tab crochet accessories

Mandalas for Marinke: Contributions from Australia

The Mandalas for Marinke project received contributions from all around the world including many from Australia. Here are some of those:

Athena’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

Athena Field, who recently shared her steampunk bunny with us, contributed to Mandalas for Marinke and shared that the profits from her work (Lilliputi Crochet and Design) go to the Black Dog Institute in Australia.

leanne crochet mandalasformarinke

Leanne is from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia; she shared her touching story along with her mandalas and a recommendation for the resource R U OK? for depression sufferers, particularly those in Australia.

Kym Crochet Mandalas For Marinke

Spoke crochet mandala from Kym in South Australia

Lynda Shares Her Crochet Mandala

Here is one from Lynda in Melbourne

treble stitch crochet mandalasformarinke

Treble Stitch is also in Melbourne

misha-anne crochet mandala for wink

Misha-Anne sent hers in from Syndey

wendy seddon crochet mandalasformarinke set

Wendy is from Central Victoria

Vicki's Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

This one is from Vicki Morley

Ali’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

Here is a pretty one from Ali of AliPinkHandmade

jan crochet spoke mandala for marinke

Jan is in Queensland

roxanne crochet mandala

This one is from Roxanne on the Gold Coast

anonymous crochet mandala


kerry's crochet mandala art for marinke

Kerry contributed a fun mandala-inspired canvas art piece

The Best Australian Crocheters on Instagram

flamingpot crochet space

FlamingPot is a beautiful Etsy store and gorgeous Instagram feed from Paula in Melbourne.

crochetgirl99 crochet daisy blankets

Robyn (@crochetgirl99 on Instagram) is the co-owner of Yummy Yarn & Co in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. She has one of the most beautiful crochet feeds on Instagram!

littlecosythings crochet rag doll blankies

Natalie Schwarz is a crocheter based in Melbourne, Australia, whose shop is appropriately called Little Cosy Things. That’s exactly what you’ll find there – crochet stuffed animals

lyndapc crochet granny circle dreamcatcher

Lynda Carroll, on Instagram as @lyndapc, says she is a “historian and writer at large, crochet-reading through the world from a little corner of Australia, cup of tea and a camera always nearby.”

And more crochet in Australia!

crochet shawl and hat vintage pattern

The Australian Women’s Weekly was a terrific crochet resource starting in the 1930s and the archives are a great place to look for vintage crochet!

fair trade crochet dress

Hello Hart interviewed First Born, a fair trade handcrafted knit/crochet clothing business in Australia. I’m always interested in Fair Trade crochet and I think it’s important to learn as much as we can about these businesses so it was great to see this interview.

crochet wedding fascinator

Kaij is a crocheter in Australia who makes fascinators

granny square

There is a granny chic bar in Sydney called Grandma’s Bar that would be a great place to crochet with a cocktail in hand


This post was sponsored by American Yarns. In addition to their yarn, you can enjoy crochet patterns on their site.


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