crochet dream catcher

Crochet doily dream catcher tutorial by Repeat Crafter Me

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sweet_sharna_makes crochet dreamcatcher

Crochet dreamcatcher made by Sweet Sharna

The Crochet Exercise

Crochet a dream catcher for yourself. The purpose is to create a symbolic tool to help you realize your dreams. The dream catcher is a web that you place in your home or studio to facilitate the realization of your dreams. The belief is that your bad dreams are caught in the web and the good dreams are allowed to slip through so that you can use them and bring them to life.

thatgirlwhocrochets crochet dreamcatcher

Crochet dreamcatcher by ThatGirlWhoCrochets

Crochet Exercise Steps

  1. Select a circular item for the round portion of your dream catcher. It should be a circular item with a hole in the center, such as a wreath or an embroidery hoop. You can find many items at your local craft store.
  2. Select a doily pattern. You will crochet a doily that is going to fit inside of the center hole of the circular item that you selected in step one. Openwork, very lacy doily patterns are ideal. Mesh patterns made with thicker yarn also work. Crochet mandala patterns will also work.
  3. Adhere the doily pattern to the inside of your wreath. How you do this depends on the materials that you’ve chosen. For example, you can simply slip it inside of an embroidery hoop but might glue it to a Styrofoam wreath or tie it to a wooden wreath.
  4. Crochet a set of long chains. You can use any type of yarn for this. Hang them off of the bottom of the wreath. You can choose any length you desire; make them all the same length or create chains that vary in length.
  5. Add additional accessories. Beads and feathers are two common items that you can add to the chains to finish your dream catcher.
  6. Hang in your space and let the magic begin!

crochet dreamcatcher woolyana

Crochet dreamcatcher by Woolyana

Tips for this Crochet Exercise

  • As an alternative to using a doily or mandala pattern in step two, you could opt to simply crochet chains and lay them out strategically inside of your wreath to create the web effect of the dream catcher.
  • Carefully consider your color choice. Do you want an organic dream catcher made with a wooden wreath and a hemp twine doily? Do you want a rainbow colored dream catcher with colorful glitter beads? Maybe a pure white dream catcher feels right to you?
  • You can make a set of small dream catchers to keep throughout your house rather than one large dream catcher.

ceyhan65 crochet dreamcatcher

Crochet dreamcatcher by Ceyhan65

Taking it further:

There is a lot of interesting history and mythology around the dream catcher. Take the time to learn more about it. Incorporate your work with meditation, affirmations and vision boards into your use of the dream catcher in your home. Write in your journal about the dreams that you have and send them mentally to your dream catcher to let the bad parts get filtered out so your dreams can come true.


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