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Back in the spring, when I interviewed designer Lena Skvagerson about the Annie’s Signature Summer Love Collection of knit and crochet patterns, I asked her if there would be future seasons to come. She responded, “We are hoping the first collection is welcomed by our customers, and with our full hopes in this, we are right now in the first phase of planning a follow up fall collection.” Annie’s Signature Designs combined a unique landing page and Instagram account to showcase the amazing designs and the summer collection was a success. And here we are, headed into fall, with a brand new collection launching today: The Autumn Bliss Collection.

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Knit and Crochet Lookbooks

See the crochet lookbook here!

As with the Summer Love Collection, there is one lookbook for crochet patterns and another for knit patterns, with a total of 40+ patterns. The lookbooks are beautiful works in e-zine style. They are more than just patterns; they are works of inspiration. The photography continues to be beautiful and inspiring. You’ll want to work on the patterns but even if you didn’t, browsing through the designs would stimulate your love of autumn crafting.

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Autumn as Inspiration

I, myself, have never lived in a place that had an autumn season like the ones that you see on postcards. I hail from Arizona and now live in San Francisco, neither of which has the kinds of trees that turn color and drop their leaves. I’ve only experienced the magic of that kind of autumn once, but nevertheless, the idea of it captures my attention every year. And the subtler changes that I have experienced in autumn are always inspiring … the slight shift in weather, the looking-towards the holidays.

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I love that the Autumn Bliss Collection draws from the kind of autumns I have known. You’ll find less of the cliche leaves-ablaze kind of autumn and more of a quiet get-cozy kind of autumn. Annie’s Signature Designs describes the collection as, “an eclectic mix of knit and crochet patterns that capture the rustic elegance of color, light and texture”.

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Lena Skvagerson is again the lead designer on this project. She shares,

“Through my own experience and personal sense of style, I gather inspiration from all that I see around me. I intuitively know what will attract a wide audience of people with a variety of tastes and aesthetics. I can see how a collection of pieces can fit into a woman’s wardrobe without being fussy or complicated, but rather clean and minimal. The designs I envision are timeless, just like my own sense of style. The selection of designs includes ponchos, scarves, hats, sweaters, cardigans, cowls and accessories that are practical, timeless and mindfully paired with yarns that result in gorgeous creations that you’ll fondly reach for in your closet for years to come.”

Check Out the Autumn Bliss Collection

Visit to preview the current collection of knit and crochet patterns. Get the individual crochet patterns here. Follow the collection on Instagram at @anniessignaturedesigns, and tag it by using the hashtag #AnniesSignatureDesigns and #AnniesAutumnBlissCollection.

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