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Baby Shoes to Crochet by Lucia Forthmann is an adorable little book featuring fabulous patterns for fun crochet baby shoes of all kinds.

How to Crochet Baby Shoe Soles

This crochet book begins with an introduction to the basic crochet stitches that are used throughout the book. Then it shows you precisely how to make the soles of all of the shoes, which are the same across the different types of footwear. There is a detailed written pattern as well as symbol charts for baby shoes in three sizes, allowing you to make these baby shoes for children aged approximately newborn through nine months.

crochet baby shoes ballerina

Favorite Crochet Baby Shoes

There are sixteen different crochet baby shoe patterns in this book, organized into four categories: “for little ladies”, “wild thing!”, “sporty & cheeky”, and “summer, sun and sandals”. My favorites of these crochet baby shoes are the pink lace shoes with ballerina lace-ups, the girly cowboy boots, and the adorable trainers. But all of the different shoes are cute and although I haven’t showcased any from the summer sandal section, you’ll find really cute ones there including baby espadrilles and wedge sandals.

crochet baby cowboy boots crochet baby shoes trainers

Favorite Bonus Features of This Crochet Book

There are tons of great crochet pattern books on the market so what really makes the difference between them is the small details. There are some cute features that personalize this book in a unique way. One thing I really love is that the “little ladies” section is about shoes that little girls can wear to match their moms or big sisters and the photos show the crochet baby version with the larger shoe in the background.

crochet baby shoes mary janes

Another detail I adore is the little drawings that are sprinkled throughout the book, adding cheer to the pages. The friendly tone of the introduction, the extra tips for making sure that you know exactly what you are doing, and the pretty photographs of each of the shoe styles are other details I adore from this book.

crochet baby shoes drawing

A Couple More Notes

This crochet book offers instructions in both US and UK terminology. Each pattern is written in US terms with (UK) in parenthesis. Although the section on how to crochet soles includes a symbol chart, the patterns for the shoe styles themselves are only in written instructions.

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