I recently wrote that I had finished uploading all of the Mandalas for Marinke posts into the blog and had two leftover that had somehow been separated from the names of their makers. I felt bad about the mistake, but I was glad that there weren’t more mistakes in such a large project. And then … Uh Oh!


Today I was clearing out an area of the living room I’d neglected forever and thought, “what the heck is in this box?” And it was a few more mandalas! When Katara had made a mess of the mandalas, I’d stuck those that were most mixed up in this box … and forgot where I put it. Oh no! So, I have some more big apologies to make, and some more mandalas that are looking for their makers.


Update: The one above belongs to Cheryl

I have the mandalas and I have some of the letters from the makers, but I haven’t been able to identify which goes with whom. So I’ll share what I have here in the hopes that the makers will reach out and let me know who to attribute the beautiful work to. I do know that some of these were submitted anonymously, so it’s totally okay if you see yours and don’t want to claim it publicly.


The Makers and Their Words

Here are the names and messages I believe are associated with these crafters:


Cheryl, whose story I’ll be sharing in full in a post later this week.


Emmy, (whose work I previously mixed up for Joanna‘s)


An anonymous crafter who writes,

“Having suffered on and off with depression most of my life, I was sad to hear of Marinke’s death. I thought of her when I saw this variegated yarn in my stash, and of the flower fields of her native Holland. Depression steals so much – I wanted to honor her and those of us who continue to fight.”


I think, but am not certain, that the following card’s message also came from the same anonymous crafter as above,

“I only recently became aware of Marinke and her work and am greatly saddened by her suicide. She was beautiful and created such wonderful things! It is a loss to the world.

My attempts to copy her patterns, not perfectly by any means, are done to respect and celebrate her creativity. Red, white and blue projects have always been favorites of mine, so when I learned that the Dutch flag has these colors, I had to use them for one of my mandalas.”


Nina, who writes, “Wink’s work was (is) inspiring. Bringing awareness to depression and suicide is important. Sometimes you don’t know that what you’re feeling can take over and then it may be too late. It takes courage to get help, not weakness. You are not alone.”


Update: The one above belongs to Nina!

An anonymous crafter who writes, “Thinking of you Wink. Thank you for your inspiration and the beauty of your work. You will be missed.”


And finally Gail, who writes,

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to remember and celebrate Wink for her work and her life. I never met her but communicated through posts and was struck by her enthusiasm, passion and talents. She was such “a creative being” and this is such a sad, sad loss.

I still can’t believe she’s gone and in such a manner – which strikes a degree of fear as I have a very dear member of my own family who suffers the same debilitating dis-ease.

I wish Wink’s family blessings and hope that they can come to terms with her passing. For Wink I wish her peace as she is now set free.”

Each of these contributions is beautiful and meaningful. Again, huge apologies for the mix-ups as we near the end of this project. With the right information, I’ll happily right them! Thank you again to each and every person who shared their heart and handwork with us for the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project.


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