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This contribution to the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project comes to us from Toni. There are four Mandalas, two medium size colour variations of Marinke’s patterns and two larger ‘Star Flower Mandalas’ using the pattern by Zooty Owl. Toni writes,

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“I was thrilled to find Marinke’s blog; I loved it and subscribed straight away. For the first time in the few years that I had been crocheting I decided it was time to crochet an item for me, maybe even something to wear. I loved, loved loved, Marinke’s Alpaca Slouch Hat pattern, so I bought some variegated yarn and away I went.

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I was still very much what I considered an Advanced Beginner crocheter and was struggling to understand how to read parts of her pattern. I emailed her and asked for her help: “Could you be a darling and expand on the instructions here, what does the ‘inc’ mean”… cue loud laughter… When I started learning how to read crochet patterns and or diagrams, for me, it was like trying to decipher an ancient code and ancient hieroglyphics. She was so lovely in her reply and did not belittle me for my beginner level. My daughter loved my slouch hat so much, that she got me to make one for her, so my practice of this pattern continued and finished with two gorgeous slouch hats to wear for winter that year, and years to come.

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So, looking back to when I had this correspondence (not so long ago), don’t I feel like a bit of a dummy now, as I can read most patterns I come across, thanks to her and her slouch hat pattern. I really loved receiving her blog updates and the crocheting projects she shared, I especially loved the mandalas Marinke was making. I vowed I would get around to doing a few as gifts for friends and family.

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After reading of Marinke’s passing I felt profoundly affected, I didn’t know how to deal with the deep sadness and grief I was feeling for someone so far away and for whom I have never met personally. I believe it was because of her blog and her ability to share her life and creativity and her crochet, I felt a creative connection, a creative kinship, as so many who subscribed to her blog do.

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At first, I didn’t think I would get around to contributing to this project as I had a lot of personal issues arise throughout the year, along with family losses, but I got there in the end. I am so glad I have completed four mandalas to honor Marinke; this is the least I could do for someone who gave so much to the crochet and crafting community around the world.

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I completed two Mandalas from one of Marinke’s patterns and used another of her patterns for a Mandala for my sister. It was a beautiful experience once I started to crochet for her, and Marinke was still teaching me as I went through the patterns. She taught me what a standing stitch was, and how to finished a round with a faux stitch rather than a slip knot, brilliant little gems for better finishes, that I will use from now on. I also made two Mandalas from the Start Flower pattern by the talented Zooty Owl, as I thought these worked up beautifully in bright colours and would add some vibrancy to the project.

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To me, Marinke was a talented and creative soul and she will continue to vibrate throughout our world via the beautiful body of work she has left behind for us to use and share. I am forever grateful for your contribution to my crochet journey Marinke. Love your work. With eternal love + peace + hippiness …”

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