sandra crochet mandalasformarinke

This beautiful contribution to Mandalas for Marinke is from Sandra of Tassie Cabin Fever. In addition to her mandalas, she “included three little mandala necklaces that might cheer someone up on those down days.”

sandra crochet mandalas for wink sandra crochet mandala necklaces

In her own blog post about crafting during a difficult time, Sandra shares, “I do find activities like crochet and drawing and then simply colouring in my drawings very useful when my mind isn’t feeling the best. Somehow it does help. It must be something about the repetition and the need for focus but not the need for too much thought that does it. I’ll be doing a bit more of these activities over the next few days I think. Maybe you need to as well.”

sandra crochet mandala 5 sandra crochet mandala 4 sandra crochet mandalas 2 sandra crochet mandala 3 sandra crochet mandala 2 sandra crochet mandala jewelry

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