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This contribution to the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project comes from Michele Miller, a “woman, mother, nurse, dreamer, 58 years and counting!” She writes,

michele crochet mandala for wink

“I was so sad to read about Wink. I just picked up a crochet hook a few years ago, looking for something healing. It was a baby blanket for one of our sister’s child. All of a sudden there was a reason to break the sadness I felt. I have struggled all my life with depression. There were times I wondered why I even existed.

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Unfortunately all three of my children have suffered with depression, almost losing them to taking their own lives. I am a nurse – a healer by nature. I was able to overcome the depression; prayer, love, family got me through. I was able to help my children with the same.

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I just got to know Marinke’s work when I heard this sad news. I chose one of her patterns in fall colors. I hope the project opens the eyes and hearts of all people who have depression or know someone close to them that struggles with it.”

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