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This contribution to the Mandalas for Marinke project comes from Jennie in Muncie, IN who writes,

“I stumbled across Wink’s work several times but never made one of her patterns until this project. I didn’t think mandalas were something I could do. How wrong I was! How sad that I didn’t try one until now … but how wonderful that Marinke is still able to reach across and teach, and instill joy, from the great beyond. I only wish she had been able to truly experience the joy her creativity brought others.

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Depression steals that ability. I know it well. So do several who are close to me. Suicide has claimed far too many of the people I’ve known and loved. Depression has crept in from various dark corners, different for each person, and stolen my friends and family from the people who loved them most. A cruel ghost that carried them away from their real lives and incarcerated them so far inside themselves that they couldn’t see any way out. I’ve felt the icy fingers of this ghost, too. Sometimes, even though my life is wonderful – with my husband and three children – I can still feel that ghost following me.

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So I knew I had to contribute to this project. To help shine the light that Wink and others like her have given us so we can eliminate those dark corners as much as possible. I hope that people will look at all these mandalas and see them as a physical representation of the joy we can pass to one another so easily and without even knowing it. We just have to keep putting it out there. We have to keep reaching out for it.”

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