Crochetterie: Cool Contemporary Crochet for the Creatively Minded is a new English crochet book from Finnish designer Molla Mills, author of the book Modern Crochet. This new book, considered a sequel to Modern Crochet, continues to showcase the designer’s impeccable Scandinavian style, clean design aesthetic and great graphic appeal.

Unisex Crochet Men Will Love

One of the unique features of this book is that it is not specifically advertised as “crochet for men” but the designs are all intended to be guy-friendly – items that the men in your life will want to wear (and perhaps even to make!) The color choices, graphic patterns and shaping all have masculine appeal. They aren’t for men alone though. Most of these are unisex designs.

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4 Categories of Crochet Patterns

The 30+ crochet patterns in this collection are organized into four different categories:

  1. Home. This section features three beautiful crochet rug patterns along with another six patterns for the home. My personal favorite is the Poster, where you learn a technique called “pillar” to turn words into crochet art. You can use the saying given by the author or make your own affirmation.
  2. Clothes. The eight crochet patterns in this section are primarily accessories, including a bowler hat and bow tie) but you’ll also find a cute crochet jumper pattern.
  3. Travels. What a fun category! There are seven bag or tote patterns to help you get anywhere you need to go and they include some that you might not already have including a passport crochet bag and a can carrier.
  4. Equipment. Here are some things that you might need including a crochet travel mirror and a utility strap. Smart, creative ideas in here.

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Learning Crochet Techniques … and More

Throughout the entire book, you will get lots of tips and information about how to complete each step of the crochet patterns. There is a lot of advice for joining and adding zippers and incorporating all of the other details in these designs. They are complex, but they are not intimidating because Molla’s voice is friendly and clear.

At the end of the book you’ll find more than twenty pages devoted to crochet instruction. This goes beyond what you typically find in a crochet book (although it does include those basics) and actually teaches you knew techniques (including the aforementioned pillar technique), pixel crochet and color changing tips.

And there are two bonus sections at the back that you may never have seen a crochet book before. One is a set of photographically illustrated crocheter’s stretches – to keep you from experiencing pain and cramping during long sessions of crochet. And the other is DIY instructions for whittling your own crochet hook! Awesome surprise.

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Stories and Personal Touches

One of my favorite things is that we are introduced to the different people featured in the book with small stories or vignettes. These may not be necessary to knowing how to crochet the pattern but they definitely enhance the enjoyability of the book. It’s fun to learn about the Molla’s Grandpa Lauri through her memory of him carrying logs of firewood and to meet Topi, who taught himself crochet and makes accessories for his daughter.


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