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This contribution to Mandalas for Marinke comes from Jane (@gigididthis) who writes,

“I’ve enclosed some mini-mandalas for the Mandalas for Marinke project. I was hoping to get more done but I seem to spend lots of time making the little pocket prayer shawls to pass out here.”

You see an example of one of those in the center of the image above. Pocket prayer shawls are a great way to lend support to others through crochet.

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She adds,

“Thank you for all of your work on this project and on all of your projects! Depression awareness is so important. The world still looks at those with mental illness as weak or attention-seeking, and don’t see the brain dysfunction that leads to it or the life trauma that often contributes to and triggers it. We look down on those who are depressed or have anxiety or even other brain issues like Asperger’s/ Autism and learning disabilities, and then are always so shocked to learn that the bright, colorful, positive way we see them is a wall that hides deep pain.”

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And adds,

“I love the mini-mandalas. It connects us to one another and it may make someone feel, believe, know, that they are loved.

Peace. Love, Blessings and Crochet.”

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