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This contribution to Mandalas for Marinke comes from Bethel, who created her mandalas loosely based on Wink’s crochet patterns and encased them in solid hoops. She writes,

bethel crochet mandala 6

“Marinke’s crocheted mandalas were such an inspiration and a delight for the soul.

bethel crochet mandala 5 bethel crochet mandala 4

Wink once wrote an article about colors; she advised taking a photograph of anything that you saw that was pleasing to the eye, then you graded the colorway in your photo and interpreted it into yarn and crochet. This idea was a revelation to me and I got so much from her explanation.

bethel crochet mandala 3

Wink had such a passion for color and taking it and making it talk to you in the art form of crochet mandalas.

bethel crochet mandala 2 bethel crochet mandala 1

Thank you and RIP Wink.

bethel crochet mandalas 2

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