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These adorable small floral crochet mandalas come to us from Baobab’s Crafts and Design. Bobana Baobab shares,

“I am an IT expert and I love crafts, especially crochet. It is my hobby, my way out of stressful hours. I enjoy the time spent thinking, figuring out, designing, making …. different things.”

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These mandalas came with beautiful little messages to share when I hand them out to people who need the inspiration. These messages read:

“Each person should be treated as a universe. Respect each other. Respect yourself.”

“Giving is the best you can do when you yourself feel a bit blue.”

“Life is beautiful. It’s a shame it’s not so obvious.”

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She also sent in this pretty poem:

When you get blue

Think of me

Think of who I might be

When you get blue

Think of a hook

Think of what mine could possibly look

When you get blue

Think of why

I decided to give it a try

To make you smile,

To make you wonder,

To make your days a little brighter.

So when you get blue

Don’t waste your time

Go share your love like I shared mine

Because giving is the best you can do

When you yourself feel a bit blue.”

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This post is part of the Mandalas for Marinke project.


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