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This contribution to the Mandalas for Marinke project comes from Alessandra in Italy who writes at [email protected]. She can also be found on Ravelry, Facebook and Pinterest. She shares,

“I’m a staying at home mum with a degree in Geology. Because of the work of my husband, I’m following him (plus our two teen boys and the lovely Margot, our cat!) all over the world in the last 11 years: Egypt, Indonesia and Mozambique are all places we can call “our homes”. Apart from the big moves, what keeps me busy is my passion for crafts – and crochet is the big love of these last four years.”

crochet mandala by alessandra

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And she writes,

“The first time I discovered Wink’s blog was when she was asked to yarn bomb one of the seal statutes located in the Zeehondencreche, a Seal Center in Pieterburen, Netherlands. My twin Sister Sabrina, some years ago, was volunteering in that same place, just before taking her degree in Veterinary … I just loved that coincidence.

Obviuously, since then, I started to follow Wink’s blog and I found really interesting her way to choose the colors she put in her mandalas. I was a quiet follower, as I left just a few comments. She was so busy and made so many beautiful works.

When I read about her suicide, I was really shocked. She was so young and she reached great targets with her crochet … When looking at all her works, tutorials, articles in magazines, books, and so on, I could not understand her final gesture. WHY?! Then I realized that I didn’t know anything about depression, how deep it can be, how horrible this illness is …

That’s why I decided to join this project and I really hope it will succeed in the raising of awareness about depression!”

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