I have gotten the final Mandalas for Marinke posts uploaded to the blog and you’ll be seeing them all throughout July. There were over 300 contributions, some from people who sent multiple packages separately, and there was that incident when I first got pup Katara, so there were a few errors along the way. I tried very hard to get everyone’s mandalas posted properly, credited properly, etc. I know of only a couple of mistakes and I wanted to correct those now.

As we wrap up the end of the work, we get to the stage where I’ve set some aside because I wasn’t sure if I had the info right. I think they’re all organized now, but … if it gets to the end of July and you haven’t seen your mandala or you’ve seen it and it looks wrong, please reach out and let me know! I value each of these submissions and felt bad about the few errors that occurred in posting them! I treasure the beauty of each individual contribution as well as how amazing the project has come together as a collaboration.

Maryann’s Mandala!

maryann mandala

In March I did a post of mini-mandalas by Maryann. At the time I knew that she had sent in another mandala and I mistakenly attributed her mandalas to a different Maryann. The post was corrected, but then last month I posted Jo’s Mandalas for Marinke and Maryann reached out to let me know that actually one of those three mandalas was hers! Katara must have really liked Maryann’s packages! So, my huge apologies to Maryann for messing up not one but both of her beautiful, wonderful packages. Here is her beautiful work:

jo crochet mandalasformarinke 6

She writes,

“What inspires me about Wink’s work? The beautiful vibrant colors she chose, and her finishing techniques which make each round seem endless.”

And adds a message for Wink’s family,

“Wink touched so many people with her beautiful crochet. Through her work she will live on and never be forgotten. Her designs will inspire people to crochet.”

jo crochet mandalasformarinke 5

Is it my hope that there were no other mistakes with Jo’s post. Please let me know if you see an error!

Emmy’s Rug is Joanne’s Rug!

I recently posted Emmy’s crochet rug, only it turns out that rug was actually made by Joanne. She made a beautiful set of decorated mandalas that haven’t been posted on the blog, yet, but will be up soon.

Emmy, that means I don’t know which contribution was yours!! Please reach out if you see this and let me know. I definitely want to credit you properly!


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