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This exquisite crochet mandala is from Nahtanha (@blissfulcornflower on Instagram and Facebook), who is a “crafter, wife, pet parent, ukelele lover”. She shares,

“I only learned of Wink and her work after her passing. When I heard what happened, I felt a connection right away. I saw this project and had to participate.

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Over the years, I have battled depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I have tried therapy, meds, and crafting. I do need medication, but crochet has turned into my therapy. Keeping my hands busy, seeing beautiful progress, and losing myself in what I’m doing works wonders.

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Out of all the crafting I do, crochet has turned into my favorite way to distract myself. I block out bad thoughts by going over the movements of a stitch in my mind. “Yarn over, pull through, chain one, turn”, etc. It becomes like a mantra.

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Hearing how Wink shared her struggle spoke to my heart. Every time someone talks about mental health, it helps break the stigma and it can help someone not feel alone in their darkest moments. Wink’s story and life have touched so many people. Her work was bright and beautiful.

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I didn’t use one of Wink’s patterns, but made a colorful mandala in her honor. I went with a pattern I found on Ravelry; it is the sunny flower mini mandala by Zelna Olivier. I went with colorful cotton yarns.”

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I am so sorry for Wink’s family’s loss. I wish them peace and love. I hope this project can offer some comfort to them.”

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