It can be so much fun to crochet food. You can crochet it as art, crochet it into designs that are wearable or make it for a child’s play set. Have fun with these food crochet patterns!

crochet hamburger pattern

Hamburger free crochet pattern from Colour and Cotton who explains, “I’ve always been entranced by crochet food toys and I find them completely adorable. Though I do not have children myself, I’ve been gradually reducing chemicals and toxins from my daily life, and creating toys that are eco-friendly and non-toxic makes me really happy.”

crochet cake free pattern

Wow! Check out this amazing crochet birthday cake free pattern offered through Ravelry from Liesbeth Braam. Anyone would love to get this calorie-free treat for their birthday!

Retro crochet candy free pattern from Mollie Makes

Retro crochet candy free patterns from Mollie Makes; you will find three different patterns here to make candies in different shapes and of course you can come up with endless variations on them by changing up the colors that you use to craft these crochet sweets

crochet sushi free pattern

Crochet sushi free pattern, available in both Dutch and English, from Crochet Things

blt sandwich free crochet pattern

BLT Sandwich free crochet pattern from Between My Fingers

Waffle Crochet Dishcloth

Waffle crochet is a technique in crochet that can be used to make all kinds of different textured products including dishcloths, which is what this free Ravelry download from Chip Flory is. When you use the right color and make it the right shape, it looks like a real waffle!

crochet strawberry free pattern

Crochet amigurumi strawberry free pattern from By Jenni Designs – a perfect summer treat to craft! You’ll find other cute food crochet patterns on this blog including carrots and lemon wedges.

crochet carrot free pattern

Speaking of carrots, check out this cute little crochet carrot pattern that comes with its own carrying basket. This is a free pattern from Little Mee.

crochet cupcake free pattern

Crochet cupcake free pattern including the icing from Bittersweet Blog who used to make a lot more knitting patterns and writes, “I still love knitting- It just takes much more time in general, and who has any time these days? Why not just bust out that crochet hook and be able to finish off a full dozen in a day’s time?”

Ice cream toy free crochet pattern from Anniina T. on Ravelry. This pattern uses only basic crochet stitches and gets its texture from working in the back loop only on the ice cream portion of the treat.

crochet ice cream cone free pattern

Here’s another crochet ice cream cone pattern. This one, free from My Creative Blog, has a textured waffle cone and shows you how to create different flavored toppings.

donut free crochet pattern

Sprinkle donut free crochet pattern from Laws of Gravity. This is an update to an earlier pattern that she’s improved upon, and it’s great to see the way it has been worked.

crochet chili free pattern

Dancing chili free crochet pattern by Moji Moji Design who gives us the adventures of “Chilli Billy”

crochet pineapple free pattern

What a cheerful pineapple! This free crochet pattern is available in Melissa’s Crochet Patterns on Ravelry. She also offers free food crochet patterns for a happy taco, happy pizza, and a happy corndog. Why shouldn’t all of your crochet food be happy?!

crochet apple free pattern

Crochet does indeed make people happy. In fact, perhaps a crochet apple a day would keep the doctor away! Here is a free apple crochet pattern available through Ravelry from Kitty Adventures.


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