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Mandy of RedAgape, who crocheted Wink’s Picots and Petals Mandala, describes herself as a “crochet obsessed guesthouse owner, blogger and photographer”. She writes:

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“I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Marinke. I’m a huge believer in craft as a form of therapy, and I’m sad that it wasn’t enough for Marinke. I’m contributing this mandala as a tribute to Wink and as a reminder of the therapeutic benefits of craft – #craftastherapy. Sending love and peace to Wink’s family and friends.”

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Mandy’s inspiring affirmative tags on her work reminded me that for awhile I’ve been wanting to share the You Are So Very Beautiful project launched by Craftivism author Betsy Greer. She describes,

“I envisioned a project where I stitched the affirmations so many of us need to hear… and then left them for people to find for themselves, to hear what they maybe needed to hear. I wanted to be an outpouring of kindness as I healed my own heart, because I knew that just as much as I needed to heal, others did too.”

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It has been so inspiring to see the many different affirmations people have handcrafted for the project. It’s an outpouring of love and I believe that this battles depression. (The project isn’t specifically about depression but it’s about healing.)

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This is somewhat the same sentiment behind the Mini Mandalas for Marinke that people have contributed to our project. They will be handed out to anyone who feels that they need that little boost of colorful support to remind them that they are connected to a beautiful world of people who care. We all need this sometimes; and it’s something we can each give to others in need as well.

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