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This mandala is by Kathryn Reilly Nussbaum who writes,

In Memory of Wink!

I wish for a world so open hearted and loving that we wouldn’t hesitate to reach out when we need comfort and understanding.

Losing those we love having on this earth reminds us to say it out loud: “I’m here for you. I love you.”

Maybe we can love each other a little bit more.”

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I love this sentiment. It’s not someone else’s fault when a person commits suicide. It’s not as though if we loved harder, it would have changed the outcome. But if we love more as a society, more as a community, loving ourselves more as well as those around us, we can fight the pandemic of suicide and depression.

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Just to be clear, you can’t love someone else into wellness. I do believe that you can love yourself into wellness, if you’re able to practice all of the good self-care that is required to battled depression (which may include a range of things from diet to rest to therapy to medication). But it’s not that individual love can resolve the issue … it’s that BIG LOVE might be able to help us all.

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BIG LOVE means loving one another as humans regardless of all else. It means loving the earth and the other species on it. It means loving the little things and the big things. When every person on the planet practices BIG LOVE, we heal.

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Every flower in each of these mandalas is a flower planted in yarn for love.

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